April 2016

RNC Resolutions April 2016 RNC meeting

1. Resolution concerning the timing of U.S. Supreme Court Justice selection.
2. Resolution calling for support of sanctions against Iran’s Ballistic Missile testing program.
3.Resolution for support of the Republic of China.
4. Resolution calling for inquiries into […]

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March 2016

Islam Facts or Political Correctness. Fight for Civilization Jim Fuscaldo

   A rational analysis presents these hypotheses for discussion.

1. A billion Muslims don’t understand their religion,
2.These Muslims are too cowardly or unfaithful to follow the precepts and teaching of Mohammaden Islam, or
3.They lack […]

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February 2016

February 2016 RNC Update: Top Gun Conservatives Newsletter

February 2016 * 


Dave Agema is the Republican National Committeeman of the State of Michigan.  Mr. Agema is a Former MI State Representative, Retired Air Force Pilot , and Retired Pilot for American Airlines […]

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The Michigan GOP’s Great Divide

Priscilla Miller

Upon her election as Michigan’s State Republican Party Chairman, Ronna Romney McDaniel, who ran as a grassroots conservative, told reporters that “unity” was her top priority. She appeared to recognize the fact that there […]

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January 2016

The Islamic World revealed: The Truth of Islam By: a 15 year old who did his research. Name withheld to protect from reprisal

   As Americans, or people in general, we need to arm ourselves with truth rather than hiding in the shadows of lies fed to us by the media, our schools, and even other Muslims about […]

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Two more issues over the last Week have made the need for at least a resolution of impeachment necessary.  
First  Obama’s clearly Unconstitutional actions in regards to his latest executive actions on Universal background checks […]

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February 2015

Stand For Truth

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and lived where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

was a preacher. He served for 22 years in the United States Army and received many military […]

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Conversation With A Former Terrorist (Part 3)

Kamal Saleem a former Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist talks with Dave regarding his past, his conversion to Christianity, and the effects that Radical Islam is having on America.

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August 2014

Conversation With A Former Terrorist (Part 2)

Kamal Saleem a former Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist talks with Dave regarding his past, his conversion to Christianity, and the effects that Radical Islam is having on America.

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August 4, 2014 Newsletter

Below are five core principles taken from the Republican Party Platform.  These central values were passed unanimously as a single resolution by the Republican National Committee:


Our rights come from God, and it’s the government’s job to protect those rights.
We believe in traditional marriage, not homosexual marriage.
We believe in your right to bear arms, and it should not be infringed.
We believe in legal immigration, NOT ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.
We believe in the sanctity of life.


Additionally, two other significant resolutions have been passed:


We oppose ObamaCare.
We oppose Common Core.


As we approach the primary, please evaluate which candidates or incumbents presently running have honored these principles.  Google: Project Vote Smart and type in the various candidates’ names (or do the same at iVoterGuide.com).  Their voting records will appear and you can easily determine if they have supported these seven central principles.  Since past behavior is one of the best predictors of future behavior, their voting history will help you determine their commitment to these core values if they are elected.


When I ran for Republican National Committeeman, I committed to work against the Party’s philosophical drift to the left.  Further, I committed to getting fiscal, moral, and constitutional conservatives elected.  I still pursue these goals.  I have yet seen no instance in history where a country or state that goes socialist has helped itself, but rather has destroyed itself.  Please review the candidates running in your district, make your decisions, and join me in getting platform conservatives elected.


For Liberty,


Dave Agema

National Committeeman


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