About Dave

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Dave’s Life

Dave’s father was a factory worker and diligently supported his family on a middle class income. Dave is the only one of four children to graduate from college. His dream was to fly. Dave bravely joined the United States Air Force at the height of the Vietnam War. He became an officer and fighter pilot. Dave joined the Air National Guard in 1978. After active duty, he flew for both the Guards and American Airlines. Dave values hard work and has held two jobs for most of his life. For two years, Dave worked as a business manager/consultant in sales and human resources for a small, local machine shop.

Dave’s Values

Dave stands on principles. People trust his integrity and honesty. He has the guts to stand alone, and the flexibility to represent the diverse needs and interests of the 74th District. Dave is a servant. He has served his God, family, and country well. He has leant his services to faith-based agencies and to business. Now Dave wants to serve you. Dave hopes to bring the “public servant” back to government. Government must keep its promises to the people, without burdening us with wasteful inefficiencies, needless regulation, and meaningless laws. The people should not be taxed with… well, heavy taxation. Dave promotes working, earning, and keeping our wages.