The pro-life agenda is not anti-woman. It is not designed to take freedoms away from women, discriminate against women, or to take away a woman’s right to choose. The pro-life agenda is pro-unborn life. The goal is to restore the natural, unalienable right to live to those it’s been unjustly stripped from, the innocent unborn. The pro-life agenda promotes and defends the right to life for those who have no choice at all.

• I believe that life begins at conception.
• I believe in the sanctity of all human life.
• I believe that the Declaration of Independence applies to the born and unborn, and therefore the unborn “are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights and that among these rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Society can be so cruelly judgmental. Society judges worth on how it reflects the current culture, values, morals, and norms. Society all too often determines value based on what it “wants” or does not “want.” And while American society loves diversity, it is shortsighted when it comes to the potential gifts, talents, personalities, attributes, and contributions of the unborn.

I firmly believe each unborn child holds value, and is of great worth to God, who designed human beings to reflect His perfect image, not the image of a faltered, fluctuating, human society. Therefore, I commit myself to promoting the pro-life agenda, passing life-affirming legislation, and tenaciously defending the freedom to live for the unborn.