I have highlighted JOB in bold because this topic is vitally important to the state of Michigan and the people of my district. Creating and sustaining jobs is not something government can do. On the contrary, government creates the needless regulations and onerous laws, that when coupled with a burdensome tax policy, actually inhibit job growth.

My experience as a pilot at American Airlines and as a consultant at a tool and die shop has given me a perspective that the typical politician does not have. Also, as I have walked the 74th district knocking on doors and speaking with you about this issue, you have stated that we must lower taxes on businesses and citizens.

Below are some startling statistics regarding Michigan jobs:*

• From 2000 to 2006 Michigan has lost 7% of its jobs, the largest percentage loss since the Great Depression in 1939
• Michigan’s unemployment rate is 7.2%, ranking us 49th out of 50 states, just above Mississippi
• 1/3 of our manufacturing workforce has been lost in the last five years. It is anticipated that an additional 32,000 jobs will be lost in 2006-2007
• 85,000 jobs have left Michigan. Neighboring states have a net increase in jobs

How does Michigan rank against the other states?*

• Last in growth of home values
• First in bankruptcies, foreclosures, and worst road conditions
• 49th in unemployment
• 49th in worst tax climate for business
• 48th in income growth
• 44th in population growth

Something must be done!

• We must get rid of onerous taxes and unnecessary laws and regulations
• We must end the Small Business Tax
• The legislature must provide proper oversight over such bodies as the DEQ, because such agencies are simply out of control
• We must maintain reasonable tax rates and resist raising them when the legislature or governor desire more state services. States wherein taxes have been cut and kept low are the states experiencing job growth and surplus budgets
• Michigan must compete with neighboring states. Michigan has the best skilled workforce. Michigan must be a place where anyone who wants to work can work

I pledge to you my best efforts to reduce taxes both for you personally and for your business. Under no circumstance will I support needless laws. In fact, I will work hard to convince the legislature to repeal laws that interfere with economic and job growth in Michigan. You can count on me to listen to you, and I look forward to working for you.

* These and other statistics are available at: www.devosforgovernor.com.