It’s appalling that the White House is “satisfied” with the IRS’s response to the profiling/targeting scandal, as they still haven’t answered basic questions for the American people. Why weren’t liberal groups targeted? Did IRS employees take cues from the president’s rhetoric? How can we now trust the IRS to enforce ObamaCare? President Obama and his political allies have called conservative groups “tea baggers” and “terrorists” on the record. We also now know that Senators Whitehouse (D-RI), Baucus (D-MT), and Schumer (D-NY) all sent letters to the IRS asking for scrutiny into these groups. Is it really that surprising that an agency in the Obama administration would go after groups that President Obama and his allies publically maligned?
Journalists, media, and the American people are rightly outraged at the Justice Department, the Treasury Department, the State Department, HHS, and DHS. Cabinet secretaries and bureau chiefs need to be held accountable, but President Obama’s solution is to have Eric Holder lead the investigation. That’s means he’ll be investigating himself; can we expect that to be an honest investigation?
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; Obama is deliberately pushing America toward an overwhelming economic crisis, using the Cloward-Piven Strategy that he learned as a student at Columbia University. The endgame of this strategy is that the American economy will collapse under the weight of its own debt, resulting in a public embrace of increased welfare programs and paving the way for replacing a free-market economy (capitalism) with a centrally-planned one (socialism). The ultimate result will be that envisioned in The Communist Manifesto, as the American Middle Class (Marx & Engels referred to it as the bourgeoisie) will eventually cease to exist, leaving us with an aristocracy and a peasantry.
The “middle class” is a spontaneous creation of any truly free society. It consists of entrepreneurs, businessmen, managers, mid-grade civil servants, and property owners (among others), as well as those who hold professional qualifications and post-secondary diplomas. The free-market republic designed by America’s Founding Fathers offers anyone who is willing to honestly earn it, even the truly poor, a shot at legitimate membership in America’s upper-crust (the top 10% according to net worth). To get from the bottom end of the socio-economic strata to the top end typically requires a journey through the ranks of the middle class, that very economic backbone that the socialists and the progressives claim to want to preserve, but by their deeds show that they desire its destruction.
Once the socialists and the progressives accomplish the liquidation of the American Middle Class, what then? As I said, we’re left with an aristocracy and a peasantry, and without the middle class to serve as a means of transition, the two will be forever separate. Perhaps the scariest part of all this is that the “bread and circuses” popular culture in America isn’t even paying attention to how close we really are to losing every single freedom that our Constitution preserves. (Here’s a link to the “How To Catch Wild Pigs” analogy that I was referring to a couple of newsletters ago.)
If you’ve watched the movie 2016: Obama’s America, then you are aware that neither “Communist” nor “Muslim” completely explains President Obama’s philosophical mindset. (I’m not saying that either is inaccurate, just that they’re incomplete.) He’s best identified as an “Anti-Colonialist,” and in his head, America is just another empire whose “sins of colonialism must be set right,” and the nation itself “must be downsized.” His classmate at Columbia University, Wayne Allyn Root, wrote an op-ed piece originally published in the Las Vegas Review-Journal back on June 6th, 2010 (“Obama’s Agenda: Overwhelm The System”), that makes it clear that Obama is neither a fool nor incompetent. To the contrary, he is an evilly brilliant man who knows exactly what he’s doing, and that his intended course of action will destroy the last best hope of freedom on this earth.
The natural temptation is to allow this scandal storm to degenerate into a “gotcha” game of dueling personalities or to allow it to quietly blow over in favor of the next big thing. We the People must resist both, and we must pressure our elected representation in the U. S. House to resist both. Insist on keeping the facts in the open, and holding accountable those who’ve abused their offices to undermine everything that America is.

For Liberty,

Dave Agema
National Committeeman

Noteworthy Articles

Michigan GOP: Mark Schauer campaign for governor not surprising, not impressive

Mark Schauer (D-Battle Creek) announced his intention last Tuesday (May 28th) to challenge Rick Snyder (R-Ann Arbor) for the office of Governor. All other potential Democrat primary challengers have withdrawn their names from consideration (which means that the MDP nomination is effectively a foregone conclusion). An EPIC-MRA poll conducted three weekends ago shows Snyder and Schauer currently neck-and-neck (39% each), with 22% undecided. But Schauer’s record in the State Legislature and U. S. Congress will work against him.

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An Evening of Conversation with Newt Gingrich

He was Speaker of the House. Time Magazine’s Man of the Year. A Presidential candidate. He’s an author, filmmaker, and political thinker. And one of the world’s most sought after public speakers. And now, for one night only (Friday, Jun 28, 2013, at 7:30 p.m.), at the DeVos Performance Hall in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Newt Uncensored. No questions unanswered. No holds barred. It’s an evening of conversation you won’t forget.

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Four scandals and the best approach to addressing them

Benghazi, IRS profiling, HHS fundraising, and DOJ wiretapping the AP. The White House wants Americans to believe the four scandals are all, in one way or another, the rogue acts of insignificant subordinates. But in truth, these scandals are not the random acts of a few bureaucrats who got out of hand; they are, in fact, the natural manifestations of Obamunism. House Republicans are faced with a great opportunity and a serious danger. The opportunity is to show that Republicans are committed to a better future; the danger is that the scandals will absorb all the political energy. House Republicans have a much greater opportunity than just being the anti-scandal party; they have an opportunity to become the pro-breakthrough, pro-solutions, pro-reform party, and that should be their primary effort. They should focus their energies on that positive future while allocating enough talent and resources to expose and clean up the scandals as an important accompanying effort.

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What was the President (not) doing and why was he (not) doing it?

Last Tuesday, Congressman Darrell Issa announced plans to subpoena 10 current and former State Department officials for Benghazi-related documents that officials have thus far refused to hand over. Additionally, the RNC sent a FOIA request asking for all emails between the State Department and Obama campaign with the words “Libya” and/or “Benghazi” dated between September 11 and November 6. Americans have a right to know whether political considerations were taken into account when drafting the Benghazi talking points, and if politics affected what the administration told the American people. The administration has repeatedly changed their story, so accessing these communications is the only way to get the facts.
The most scandalous element of the Benghazi Attack, the question of what the President was doing for the entire eight hours, has not yet been added to the public discussion. Apparently, while four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, were fighting for their lives and dying, Obama’s lone action was a phone call with Hillary Clinton . . . to discuss the cover story that the Administration would be using.

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Obama’s Attorney General has a penchant for letting questions linger

Was Eric Holder lying when he told House Judiciary Committee members this month that he had never been involved in a “potential prosecution of the press for disclosure of material”? Why did Holder recuse himself from the AP investigation due to his “frequent contact with the media” but not the Fox News subpoena? If the DOJ notified News Corp. of its Fox News subpoena, why didn’t the company know about it? Flashback: This isn’t the first time Obama’s Attorney General has dodged accountability & questions. Holder’s unwillingness to answer questions about “Operation Fast And Furious” led to contempt charges

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More Questions Than Answers In The Health Secretary’s Solicitation Of Funds For ObamaCare

Last week, HHS Secretary Sebelius continued to refuse to release the names of the companies she hit up for money to fund the outside group Enroll America, which will help implement Obamacare. And now, former White House advisor (Health Czar) Nancy-Ann DeParle is getting in on the action and fundraising for the organization run by former Obama supporters and employees. This is a clear conflict of interest. Sebelius could be regulating the companies she’s hitting up for money. And then that money could line the pockets of Obama supporters. Congress did not authorize these actions, and it’s time for Sebelius to be transparent about her fundraising.

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GOP Communications Memorandum: The DNC is desperate

DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse sent out a quite desperate request for funds two Fridays ago (May 24th) that . . . you’ll love this . . . actually accuses Republican leadership in Congress of making up scandals, stirring up controversy, and doctoring e-mails in order to manufacture evidence. Wow, that’s beyond desperate, not to mention requiring bizarre levels of suspended disbelief. You cannot make this up (unless you’re the DNC). But Obama’s second term is creating more headaches for 2014 Democrats by the day.

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On college costs, the President picks a phony fight over negligible differences

Last Friday (May 31st), Obama held a media event (likely a cynical PR stunt to change the conversation from his scandals) for the purpose, according to the Wall Street Journal, of drumming up a bogus political fight on a popular political issue when there’s effectively no difference between his position and that of House Republicans. The brutal truth is that, while student loan debts rise, Obama’s government rakes in billions in student loan profits. Yet millennials face low-skill, low-purchasing power futures, more often in their parents’ homes. Over four years of Obamanomics has failed millenials, who are out of work and struggling for opportunity.

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RNC Demands Accountability, Sick of Excuses

Harry Truman was famous for saying, “The buck stops here,” when referring to the executive accountability of the President. Barack Obama even said as much himself at least once over a live microphone. But right now all we’re seeing out of the White House is worn-out excuses and relentless finger-pointing. It’s high time the President showed Americans the transparency and accountability that he promised us.

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RNC Graphics: Shifting timeline of IRS scandal and constant coordination during it

As two new graphics (based on publicly-available information) published by the RNC show, it’s difficult to believe that President Obama didn’t find out about the IRS’s profiling operations, when so many administration officials, people Obama is in contact with on a regular basis, knew about it well in advance of Obama’s public acknowledgement. Also, IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman, a key player in this scandal, visited the White House 161 times, that’s about 2-1/2 times more frequently than Attorney General Eric Holder, and about 3-1/4 times more frequently than Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner . . . the cabinet secretary to whom Commissioner Shulman answers! Which raises the question: What the hell was so important that the commissioner had to visit the President twice for every three visits (combined) by five prominent cabinet-level advisors?

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Voter ID laws didn’t reduce turnout, but the IRS may have

The 2012 election season was filled with angry cries of “voter suppression,” almost all of them regarding attempts by states to require voter ID and otherwise improve ballot integrity. Yet an August 2012 Washington Post poll showed nearly two-thirds of African-Americans and Hispanics backing photo ID, and the Census Bureau has found that the rate of voter turnout for blacks exceeded that of whites for the first time in the 2012 election. But it now turns out there may have suppression of the vote after all. It won’t be easy to discover whether the “voter suppression” engaged in by the IRS was malicious and political. But we have to make every effort to find out before the American people start losing confidence in the integrity of our elections.

Read more at: “The Real Voter Suppression of 2012”

Solving the IRS abuses, by shifting the tax paradigm

The IRS is one of the two great instrumentalities of American progressivism (the other is the Federal Reserve). Progressivism holds that, when they wrote the U. S. Constitution, James Madison and the other Founders basically got it wrong. Control over the lives of ordinary Americans should not be vested in the people themselves, but should instead be wielded by experts in Washington. Because Madison’s Constitution does not provide for this kind of government, the Constitution must be “progressively” dismantled and/or ignored. The latest IRS scandal is a wakeup call. The 16th Amendment was a mistake. The income tax gives the federal government more information about, and power over, citizens than is compatible with freedom. The only permanent solution to the problem of IRS abuse is to abolish the IRS itself and institute the FairTax.

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