This past weekend Michigan GOP leaders met in Boyne Mountain, where presentations were given on messaging, technology, Election Day operations, campaign finance, ground game, and the Growth and Opportunity Project. The democrats have opened the door in many areas for us to take advantage. Specifically, in Michigan we had 400,000 sportsmen, 4,200 Vets, and 248,000 conservatives that did not vote in the last election – we need to reach out to them.
There are a lot of statistics that clearly show that the U.S economy is unhealthy, and we should expose this. I believe that President Obama is masterminding an economic collapse, with the intention that people will forever depend on government for their future. For example:

  1.  In Obama’s first term he racked up more debt than all the presidents from George Washington through Bill Clinton . . . combined (and is on pace to rack up more debt than all of his predecessors, combined, before next year’s mid-term elections). The national debt increased by over 50% from where it was when George Bush left office, and now exceeds the entire output of the U. S. economy (the G.D.P.). Under Obama, the national debt grew, in one day, more than the entire federal deficit for all of 2007.
  2.  According to economist John Williams of Shadow Stats, if you factor in long-term discouraged workers and those that could only find part time work, the real unemployment rate is currently about 20%. Over 100 million working -age Americans don’t have jobs (this means more dependency on government; therefore, dependent on Obama).
  3. According to the census bureau, household income dropped $4,000 during Obama’s first 4 years in office. Currently, almost half of all Americans don’t have even $500 in savings.
  4. Under Obama, only 65% of all men of working age have jobs. In 1950 (under Truman), it was 80%. In 1980 (under Carter), less than 30% of all jobs in the U. S. were low-income jobs. Today, at least 40% are low-income jobs.
  5. In 1965 (under LBJ), one out of 50 Americans were on Medicaid. Today it’s one out of 6. Medicare faces an unfunded liability of $40 trillion, or over $328,000 per U. S. household (completely unsustainable). One in three of Americans are getting some sort of welfare . . . and that does NOT include Social Security or Medicare.
  6. Polls show that 83% of all doctors are thinking of retiring because of ObamaCare, while Obama wants to add 30 million more new patients. (Like in Cuba, you’ll get some care, but it’ll be much worse quality care than you have now).

Obama’s economic ideas started with his anti-colonialist father and his communist mother, flourished in his Indonesian schooling (Muslim), and blossomed in his college years under the guidance of Richard Cloward and Frances Piven – both Columbia University professors (who jointly developed a strategy to collapse the American economy). All of this predisposed Obama towards socialism and dismantling the United States as a unified nation.
When things get really bad from excessive government spending, inflation, and lack of jobs, people will again accept more taxes and more welfare in hopes of economic salvation, but it only causes more dependency on government. (Recall the story of how one captures wild pigs.) We have forgotten the lesson from our own history that socialism does not work.
Obama is a brilliant strategist, but his philosophy will result in a failed economy and an impotent nation. I believe he is purposely ruining us fiscally, morally, militarily, and constitutionally. He spends excessively, supports infanticide/abortion/gay marriage, has cut the military, has more “czars” than Russia ever did, and bypasses Congress at every opportunity. It is imperative that he and his staff’s strategies be exposed as extremely hurtful to the people of America. We can’t even depend on him to protect our soldiers and citizens abroad.
Hopefully this encourages you to get involved and use some of these statistics to change the course of America. We can’t sustain what Obama is handing us. Talk to your friends and neighbors. We can change this nation, one person at a time. Grassroots has never been more important than now.

For Liberty,

Dave Agema
National Committeeman

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