February 27, 2013


The convention is over. Perhaps your candidate lost or maybe he/she won. The real issue is that as the Bible says “a house divided cannot stand.” To all those that ran, thank you. The Party is always better when there is competition and it gives a clearer picture of where we should be or are heading.
Democrats are salivating for us to split and not unify. If you don’t stay in the game, you certainly can’t affect the outcome. I ask you to keep fighting. A non-vote or apathy by our grassroots is a win for Democrats.
I spent too many years of life trained to fight against socialism and communism. Truly, we are becoming what I used to be trained to fight against in the military. I detest where Obama is placing us. He is ruining this country fiscally, constitutionally, morally and militarily. The sad part is that so many buy into his message because he promises them something for nothing and there are too many people selling out on their principles for a percieved gain.
We are no different than nations before us that bought into the same old themes of class warefare, excessive taxation, large government expenditures and implosion from within.
I completely disagree with those that think we must become more liberal to attract votes. We will never be liberal enough to be left of the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party is the Socialist Party of the 40’s and 50’s. They have accepted those tennets within their party. They have attempted to take God out of their platform. No Evangelical Christians should be voting for such a party, but they do – 90% of Black Evangelicals and 75% of Hisapnic Evangelicals. We must get into the churches and simply explain what socialism does and how the church must be more involved in helping the poor, SO at least they are getting the Gospel and not being attracted to a godless government for all their needs.
Let us start the fight NOW, not six months prior to the election. Let us seek out the youth that vote but are indoctrinated in liberal schools. Let us all agree to convince just one other person between now and 2014 and we will win.
It is my honor and pleasure to serve as your National Committeeman but I need your help. Too many of us complain but do nothing ourselves. It is the precinct captians and one-on-one contacts that will win for us and educating yourself as to how your representatives/senators vote (Michiganvotes.org). Hold them accountable. You elected them based on what they said they’d do. Hold their feet to the fire.
Liberalism always promises much, delivers little and runs out of someone elses money. It now wants our guns. This is an issue that we can win on. Democrats, Independants, Republicans etc., in general, do not like the government trying to over regulate their guns. Without unregistered guns, we would not have won our independence. It’s good that the government has some fear of an armed populace. It keeps them honest; that’s why our forefathers put it into our constitution. 56 million people since 1915 have been killed by their own government once they took their guns away. Lets not be one of them.
I close by asking that you pray for this country and our leaders. Again, the Bible says “the people groan when evil men rule.” It’s time for the groaning to stop and for us to be informed as to how Obama’s policies fail us. Stay alert, involved and prepared to express why you are proud to be a Republican and stand on the principles that made this country great.
Dave Agema
National Committeman