Truly we are in a precarious spot.  We have a president that seems bent on ruining this country fiscally, morally, militarily, and constitutionally.  This alone should unite us to remove his ilk from leadership positions in all areas of government.  If his followers can’t see what he is doing, then they don’t deserve your vote.


President Lincoln and others have written about their fear of the Supreme Court taking power via an oligarchy of 5 unelected men that overrule the people and even the constitution.  Life terms, put in by a liberal president, can ruin a country in a hurry.  That’s why the president’s choices are so important.  Truly we suffer from bad choices.


The best economy is always one with the least amount of government control via regulations and taxes.  Artificial stimulus by government always ruins an economy because it has to be paid for by the populace, but has no long term positive effects – only short term.  That’s what we have going on now.  I fully expect another stock market dump because the debt is swallowing up our country’s ability to pay it, which always leads to economies like the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain) – soon Japan will enter that fold as well.


Please do not succumb to the verbiage that we must relent concerning our principles in order to accommodate more liberal ideas.  All this does is anger our base, and one can never get to the left of the Democrat Party, nor should we try.  The Republican Party historically gets into trouble when we incorporate liberal-progressivism into the party platform.


A couple months ago the RNC passed my core principles resolution.  One of those principles was that we stand by traditional marriage.  This is basic to the survival of every society – “our constitution is only good for a moral people” (John Adams).  We need more people elected that have the integrity to stand on principle, not those that are so easily swayed by lobbyists.  Get involved, donate, walk, talk, e-mail, etc. Obama discovered that for every positive Facebook post, 5 shares occurred.  He got 1 million people to do it, received 5 million shares, and took another 1 million votes.  We can to the same.  Never give up – never!  Our forefathers were brilliant in their writings that protect us from an over zealous government.  The problem is, we have too few that will speak boldly against an evil despot.


Remember, never give up your guns.  It’s the first thing an evil government does.  Those governments have killed over 50 million of their own people once they accomplished this. I never thought I would see a president in my own country with such evil intent.  We are becoming what I used to have to fight against in the military.  It’s time to stop the decline and take back America from a socialist regime.


The liberty-minded network (which includes the tea party network, among others), that leveraged the Republican Party to a “red tide” win nationwide in 2010, has a grand total of two priorities: (1) constitutionally-restrained government and (2) state sovereignty.  Everything else is at best a second-tier concern for these folks, and they’re right.  The Medicaid Expansion bill (2013-HB-4714), currently sitting in the Michigan Senate Committee on Government Operations, runs exactly counter to those two principles.  Senator Richardville was absolutely right to not force a floor vote until after the senate has had time to debate the matter and thoroughly consider all foreseeable outcomes.


Contrary to what someone else wants you to think, the nine-week summer recess isn’t a “vacation” for the state legislators, far from it.  The recess is intended to be an in-district work session to give the legislators of both chambers and both parties an opportunity to speak directly with their constituents and get their opinions on various matters.  If we want our legislators to “get away from Lansing” and listen to what we have to say, then we ought not castigate them when they do that very thing.


To say that I’m disappointed and disgusted in the rulings in United States v. Windsor (Defense of Marriage Act) and Hollingsworth v. Perry (California Proposition 08-8) is an understatement.  Already in Washington, agencies are meeting to decide what churches and people can and can not say concerning the homosexual lifestyle.  This is not America.  It’s becoming what our forefathers could never have imagined we would become.  It makes me want to fight harder.  It should for you too.  This country has drifted way too far to the left, and if left uncorrected, the results will be catastrophic.  Let’s unite and win!

For Liberty,

Dave Agema

National Committeeman

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Noteworthy Articles

United States Supreme Court Rules on Voting Rights Act, Defense Of Marriage Act, and California’s Proposition 08-8


I haven’t had time to personally dissect the rulings just yet, but I will have something to say about these in the next newsletter.  For the time being, I’ll direct your attention to the linked opinions (and I’d especially like to point out Justice Scalia’s dissenting opinion in United States v. Windsor, beginning on Page 31 of that opinion.  We are all upset with the court, but it should make us determined to change things, not bend over and take more of this.  We must stand for Biblical principles and those which our country has supported from its inception.  If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything . . . and we just did!


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RNC June statement on May FEC filing


The committee continues to implement recommendations from the Growth and Opportunity Project, including the hiring of the RNC’s first Chief Technology Officer.  The strong support from donors at all levels has empowered the RNC’s ongoing work of building an unprecedented off-year field operation.


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Obama’s Rhetoric On Big, Small, And Smart Government Doesn’t Live Up To His Record


What is it the kids are saying these days?  Epic Fail!!!  That phrase pretty adequately describes Obama’s Government Gone Wild.  Every year, Obama has set out to create smarter government and, every year, the government has gotten bigger and more unaccountable.  Obama may not like the big government vs. small government debate – but scandal after scandal proves this is a result of a bloated and abusive federal government that is out of control.


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Obamacare Blues


From last week’s AP story about the doctor shortage getting worse under ObamaCare to the recent GAO report showing ObamaCare implementation is running behind schedule (and there’s risk of missing a key October deadline), it’s clear that the last thing this law will be is a “smooth transition” for Americans.  Maybe that’s why a recent poll shows that 40 percent of Americans now believe the country will be worse off under ObamaCare.


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Obama Abandons Any Pretense Of An “All Of The Above” Energy Plan And Steps Up His Effort To Bankrupt The Coal Industry


Obama’s new Climate Plan will expand on his previous plan that would essentially end new coal-powered plants.  The Obama war on coal is killing jobs & raising costs across the nation, and even fellow democrats have criticized the impact of Obama’s disastrous energy policies.  But this is nothing new: the Obama Administration has consistently stated its desire to “bankrupt” coal plants.  And Gina McCarthy, Obama’s EPA pick, has waged her own war against coal.


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The “shoot-themselves-in-the-foot” party


Linda Harvey, a former volunteer at a Planned Parenthood clinic, writes of the GOP making the post-election decision to adopt the Winston Group report, turn its back on its platform and principles, and to swallow whole that its sole focus and all-important goal is simply to win elections, forgetting conveniently that the incentive to win is to implement a particular policy agenda (which is supposed to be outlined in the party platform).


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What Else Has Terry McAuliffe Been Too Busy To Do Over The Years?


The Virginia gubernatorial election of 2013 will take place on November 5, 2013.  The incumbent governor, Republican Bob McDonnell, is not eligible to run due to term limits established by the Virginia Constitution.  Virginia is the only state that prohibits its governor from serving immediate successive terms.  Ken Cuccinelli, the Attorney General of Virginia, is the Republican nominee, while Terry McAuliffe, the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, is the Democratic Party nominee.  Cuccinelli has challenged McAuliffe to a series of 15 debates around the state.  McAuliffe has refused, and called Cuccinelli’s challenge “absurd” and a “gimmick.”  Cuccinelli has responded, “McAuliffe’s campaign might have dismissed the challenge, but it’s clear that community leaders and Virginians share our desire to hold real debates across the Commonwealth.”


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