In my last newsletter, I said that the nine-week summer recess isn’t a “vacation” for the state legislators, contrary to what a certain elected state executive wants the public to think, but rather an in-district work session to give the legislators of both chambers and both parties an opportunity to “get away from Lansing” and speak directly with their constituents and get their opinions on various matters.  I applaud the 20 or so state senators who had the sense to force the Medicaid Expansion bill (2013-HB-4714) into committee for the summer.  There are better options (such as 2013-SB-0422) that don’t expose our state to an out-of-control federal government, and those options ought to receive fair consideration.  Given the train wreck that ObamaCare is likely to become, a little policy disconnect from DC is probably a good thing.


The June 2013 Jobs Report (, released last Friday, isn’t being trumpeted much by the White House.  The unemployment rate (7.6%) has remained largely unchanged from February, though there was a net gain of 195,000 non-farm payroll jobs.  And for a few people, that’s good news.  But to put the report in its true light, it helps to understand what the “Official Unemployment Rate” and the “Real Unemployment Rate” each measure:


  • The American Labor Force consists of all citizens and residents aged 16 or older, who are neither institutionalized (such as imprisoned or in a nursing home) nor serving on active duty in the armed forces, and either have a job, are looking for a job, or would accept a job if it were offered.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “full-time employment” is defined as 35+ hours per week.


  • The “Official Unemployment Rate” (the U-3 Rate) is the proportion of the civilian labor force that is unemployed but actively seeking employment, and is the one that gets all of the media attention.  Note that this rate counts part-time employment as “employed,” and excludes workers who’ve given up seeking employment for whatever reason.  Also note that the part-time workers counted as “employed” in this formula could be working as little as one hour per week.


  • The “Real Unemployment Rate” (the U-6 Rate) treats as “unemployed”: (1) all part-time workers who are still seeking full-time employment, and (2) potential workers who’ve stopped looking for work for reasons other than futility, but would accept a full-time job if one were offered.  Thus, in contrast, to be counted as “employed” under this rate, one must either have a full-time job or be content with part time employment.


The harsh and brutal truth of the matter is that real unemployment jumped from 13.8% in May to 14.3% in June, the largest single-month spike in two years.  To put that in simpler terms, one adult out of every seven you know would gladly accept a full-time job if it were offered, but the opening just isn’t there.  Also not part of most headlines, though it’s in the report, is that the number of workers involuntarily reduced to part-time hours rose by 322,000 in June, which outstrips the full time employment gains by 127,000 workers . . . in the wrong direction.  Don’t expect to hear any of that from the Jay Carney spin machine though.


A friend of mine was gassing up at his neighborhood Speedway two Fridays ago (when regular unleaded had dropped to $3.48/gal).  As he was inside grabbing a cup of coffee and prepaying for the gas, he got into a conversation with the store manager.  She told him that she’d just had to rewrite the work schedule for the store, on orders from corporate, so as to reduce all non-management store personnel to a maximum of 29 hours per week.  The reason?  The added expenses that ObamaCare attaches to employers who have more than a certain number of people working more than 30 hours per week.  This required involuntarily reducing three cashiers, who have enough seniority to normally rate full-time status, to the 29-hour cap . . . no exceptions.


So you can see why the official unemployment rate stays steady, but the real unemployment rate continues to climb.


I had a reporter ask me what I thought about the SCOTUS decisions in “United States v. Windsor” and “Hollingsworth v. Perry” effectively striking down Michigan law (which I sponsored) that denies benefits to same-sex couples in this state.  My response was simple:  That’s not what they did.  The decision in Windsor affects federal benefits only.  Yes, Michigan has to recognize the fact of a same-sex marriage performed in another state, but state benefits in Michigan don’t attach to any marriage inconsistent with Article I § 25 of the Michigan Constitution, which the Hollingsworth decision didn’t affect.


Yes, I agree that both decisions shifted the baseline and provided a new reference point for future public “debate” on the matter of gay marriage, and that’s the real pity.  However, the debate itself is far from over, and the Overton Window hasn’t moved as far as the gay lobby wants us to believe.

For Liberty,

Dave Agema

National Committeeman

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