Back in January, President Obama declared that al-Qaeda had been decapitated and dismantled, and that they were incapable of attacking us again.  Tough talk from the biggest incompetent to ever stand behind the presidential seal.  Yet, during the month of Ramadan (July 9th to August 7th this year, based on the lunar calendar), the President has ordered several embassies – mostly in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia – closed and evacuated due to terrorist chatter approaching pre-9/11 levels.


For those that don’t know, the month of Ramadan is an Islamic month of holy war.  It’s a month for fighting the enemies of Allah, during which the Muslims believe they have special blessings and power from Allah to engage in Jihad and defeat their enemies.  For example:


  • 1973 – Ramadan War-Yom Kipper War where Egypt and Syria launch war on Israel
  • 1982 – Iran launches war on Iraq called “Operation Ramadan”
  • From 1987 to 1993 the first Palestinian intifada was waged over 6 Ramadans


From 624 AD to the present, many Islamic wars and battles are fought during Ramadan.  This is why, along with the additional chatter, the State Department issued the closures.  Ramadan is the month in which Muslims believe their god is with them to destroy non-Muslims.


And yet, if al-Qaeda has been dismantled, as the President claims, this shouldn’t be that big of a deal, right?  Right?  Scotland Yard was spot on with Obama a couple of years ago: “chalaque” . . . and probably too clever by half.


Likewise, President Obama’s speech last week on a “grand bargain” was recycled old ideas.  This was just the latest in a string of speeches on the economy.  Despite talk of a “bargain,” President Obama hasn’t sat down with Republicans to produce real job-creating policies.  His “bargain” is a joke, and similar to his not-so-grand bargain speech, apparently his time on the Hill last week was just another photo op.


The latest BLS report showed only 162,000 jobs were created in July.  The unemployment rate fell slightly to 7.4%, but the labor force participation rate fell as well.  Hispanic unemployment increased from 9.1% to 9.4%.  Previous months’ numbers were revised downward.  ObamaCare is directly causing American workers to see their pay cut.  Now many workers are forced to decide whether to take on additional part-time jobs to make ends meet.  It’s not fair that ObamaCare is making their lives harder.  It’s not fair that there are fewer full-time job opportunities for the unemployed.


Last month, 35 Democrats voted to delay the employer mandate, and 22 Democrats voted to delay the individual mandate.  They then tried desperately to avoid the issue.  Democrats who are vulnerable in 2014 are anxious about ObamaCare and its growing unpopularity.  They’re so worried that White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough is reported to have spent the last three months trying to calm them down.  A growing number of unions, including the Teamsters and even the union that represents the IRS, are speaking out about the law’s impact on their workers.


Democrats want voters to think they’ll do anything to defend women.  But when women in San Diego were allegedly harassed, marginalized, and exploited by a Democrat mayor, most Democrats said nothing.  When a Democrat candidate for mayor in the nation’s largest city was caught – not for the first time – acting like an internet predator and sending nude pictures to young women after repeatedly lying to his constituents, most Democrats said nothing.  After spending months waging a fake “War on Women” to mislead voters, it appears the Democrats have much less “courage” when it comes to calling out their own.

For Liberty,

Dave Agema

National Committeeman

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