You’d think by now that President Obama would have learned not to make promises he can’t keep.  You’d also think that Americans would have learned not to trust a man who doesn’t keep his promises.  Yet, here we are, well into Obama’s second term with a laundry list of broken promises and failures.  Even still, there’s a baffling number of Americans who remain infatuated with the President.  They say love conquers all, but when it comes to people who are love-struck by President Obama, their obsession is really only blinding them to the truth.


Consider the economy:  It sucks.


The month of July saw only 162,000 jobs added – 23,000 less than predicted.  The unemployment rate is at a dismal 7.4%, and we’re becoming a nation of part-time workers thanks to Obamacare.


The national deficit is through the roof at more than $16 trillion, with President Obama showing little effort to bring spending under control.


Remember the stimulus package that was supposed to “cut the deficit in half by the end of [his] first term in office” and put “our nation on sound fiscal footing”?  Yeah, it didn’t work, either, and it’s just evidence of one of the President’s broken promises.


In 2009, Obama said, “If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.”  The President said it himself; if he didn’t turn the economy around in his first term, it’d probably be his only term.  Unfortunately, Obama’s lovesick followers wouldn’t settle for a one-term Obama presidency.


The economy isn’t the Obama administration’s only letdown.  Obama’s foreign policy decisions are a complete failure.  Take a look at Iran, Israel, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan … I could go on.


Since Obama became president, America’s standing in the Middle East has weakened.  Even the Middle East Media Research Institute gets it:  “[We must conclude that] this is not a skilled statesman and politician with creative solutions, but an ordinary academic who repeats meaningless slogans and does not possess the political sensitivity to give each factor the weight it deserves, to take bold [action] when necessary and to refrain [from action] when necessary.”


President Obama treats the world like it’s his playground, and has attempted to make friends with the leaders of other countries.  President Obama should take a note from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:  “Things that affect our fate, our very existence, we don’t entrust to others – not even to our best friends.”


Now isn’t the time to be friendly.  It’s time for President Obama to show an interest in protecting Americans at home and overseas.


Let’s not forget the President’s failures on upholding the U.S. Constitution.  The Obama Administration has created a political culture that ignores individual liberties, especially those that involve a right to privacy.  This same culture disregards the limited power a president actually has under the Constitution.  I’m convinced President Obama will do virtually whatever it takes to further his socialistic political agenda, and his contempt for the Constitution is evidence of that.


You see, President Obama’s failures far outnumber his accomplishments.  His failures don’t end with the economy, foreign policy, or the Constitution.  I haven’t even mentioned his tax increases, the increase in people on welfare, his phony scandals, Benghazi, or Obamacare …


When do his followers quit singing his praises and take note of his failures?  Seriously, when does the madness end?

In the Pursuit of Truth,

Dave Agema

National Committeeman

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RNC Votes To Not Partner With CNN And NBC For Primary Debates


On Friday, the RNC voted to not partner with CNN and NBC in 2016 primary debates, after the two networks refused to cancel their plans for pro-Hillary productions.  State and local parties, the grassroots, and even liberal commentators agree with the Chairman that NBC’s and CNN’s plan jeopardized their credibility.  Neither network can claim to be a neutral party in the presidential election process if their networks are willing to spend millions of dollars on programming that will promote Hillary Clinton.  The RNC’s vote is a first step toward ensuring fairer, more substantive debates for our candidates and for voters.  Republicans are not going to sanction debates moderated by the employees of networks with such an obvious bias.


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RNC “Making It Happen” At Summer Meeting


The RNC held its summer meeting in Boston last week, where the party highlighted progress in data and technology, in building a permanent campaign, and in engaging with new voters.  Chairman Priebus unveiled the Rising Stars program to promote new voices in the party.  In just a few months, the RNC has made tremendous progress in building a nationwide ground game, beginning in an off year.  The party will have a year-round presence in communities, especially communities where Republicans haven’t been.  The RNC already has more staff in the field than in HQ.  Soon, we’ll have hundreds of community-based staff across the country.


The RNC also passed several resolutions:


  • My “Constituting America” resolution – asking our states to teach and test our kids on the founding documents (a slap in the face to Common Core)
  • Admonishing CNN and NBC for the Hillary movie (just heard this may not happen because of all the flap)
  • Eliminate the abuses of the IRS and look at a FAIR tax or flat tax
  • Uphold the religious liberties of our soldiers
  • Defund ObamaCare
  • Protect our coal industry from the EPA and Obama
  • Provide for new worker visas for some illegals with various restrictions, though it rejects the “path to citizenship” (don’t like this one)


However, the RNC rules committee refused to vote on several rule changes that have been bugging conservatives, but rather delegated that task to a panel of 10 within the rules committee of which Morton Blackwell (perhaps one of the most knowledgeable) is not on.


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Dems in Disarray: OFA Fails At Astroturfing; DNC Nowhere To Be Found


OFA announced an “Action August” to mobilize liberals to voice support for unpopular policies like ObamaCare.  Thus far, they have little to show for it.  An OFA ObamaCare rally in Virginia had only one attendee who stayed to work phones.  Zero people showed up to a climate change rally in Georgetown.  Meanwhile, the DNC is still in massive debt and their Chair is spending her time raising money for her personal PAC.  They’ve even been caught accepting donations from dead people.  Despite their efforts, Democrats can’t reproduce the political energy of the Tea Party in 2009 and 2010; those were organic, bottom-up movements.  If ObamaCare were good policy, it would be good politics.  “Action August” has become Inaction August.  And as OFA fails at organizing, the DNC has been left for dead by the president’s party.


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The ObamaCare Train Wreck Is Getting Worse


We learned last week that the Obama Administration delayed another provision of ObamaCare until 2015 – the limits on out-of-pocket expenses.  This is just the latest in a series of delays and unilateral rewrites of the law.  The administration is effectively admitting that ObamaCare is a disaster every time they try to sidestep their own regulations.  They have weakened training requirement for “navigators,” delayed penalties for big business, and missed deadlines for data security.  There’s no denying it’s a train wreck and bad for America.


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Edward Snowden Debacle Is a Symptom of Obama’s Weak Foreign Policy


Edward Snowden, the NSA contractor who leaked security information, has taken asylum in Russia.  Since he fled the country, the administration has failed to get a handle on the situation.  The inability of the Obama administration to successfully handle the Edward Snowden case is yet another example of the failures of a weak foreign policy.  From Afghanistan to Syria to Russia, the president has not been able to do what’s in the best interest of America and global security.


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House Republicans Are Working To Get Immigration Reform Done Right


The attention on immigration reform has now turned to the House, where Republicans recognize there is a need for reform and also believe that real, lasting reform cannot be rushed.  Republicans recognize that our immigration system is broken.  House Republicans have already worked on separate bills to address some of the pressing needs.  They are now taking up the task of crafting a reform plan of their own that offers real solutions.


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