One of the biggest and growing expenses to taxpayers is entitlement programs.  Entitlements (I hate the term) are taking the biggest share of our Federal and State budgets.  Politicians use these to garner votes.  Socialist countries have bankrupted themselves because they couldn’t say no.  They have bred an attitude that their citizens deserve something they didn’t earn from another’s labor.  Truly we are no different.  President Obama has pushed his socialist “hope and change” agenda in such a rapid fashion that our country is falling into a fiscal abyss from which we can never recover.  Our dollar has lost its value.  Our debt has doubled (perhaps tripled).  Our middle class is disappearing due to businesses limiting workers to 30 hours to avoid the ramifications of ObamaCare.  They fear expanding over 50 employees which, in turn, stifles growth.  Our unemployment is unchanged in the August Jobs Report, but the actual number, when you include those that have stopped looking or termed out of unemployment benefits, is closer to 14% (13.6% unadjusted, 13.7% after seasonal adjustment).  Our federal government tries to centralize control of an economy when they can’t even control themselves and their own expenditures.


Socialism always fails because it’s an artificial stimulus that the laws of economics do not support in a real economy.  Socialist politicians always promise much, deliver little, and always at a greater cost.  I never thought I’d say we are becoming what we used to fight against, but we are!


Your Republican National Committee has reaffirmed our platform (yes we have one) that opposes much of what Obama and his democrat platform supports.  But what good is this if the states disregard the platform and fall in line with the left’s agenda?  We are a party of common sense, but that common sense seems to be departing.  We must elect State Representatives and Senators that hold to the principles the party espouses, and have the backbone to say no to their fellow legislators, and their governor, if they push for more socialistic programs.  If we just follow the lead of Governors, Senate Leaders, or House Speakers, then we might as well have a dictatorship and disband the rest of the legislature.  The purpose of the three branches is to have checks and balances, not blindly follow the leader.


The recent Medicaid expansion yet again starts another program that will never end and further bury us in debt.  I see nowhere in the constitution that says healthcare is a right, nor do I see that the government can force you to purchase what you don’t want to.  The Feds do not have the money to fund this.  I believe it will fall on the states, via higher taxes plus higher premiums for individuals which we already see in other states.  Increased premiums in other states have ranged widely with some increases from 40% – 190%.


ObamaCare includes 23 new taxes, abortion funding, a constabulary military type force which can be used against the civilian populace, and is one of the largest grabs of our economy by the federal government.  Our Republican Congressmen want to pass a budget, but one that does not include funding for ObamaCare.  I suspect Obama will veto that and then blame the Republicans for shutting down the government – he will be the one shutting it down, like a child that didn’t get his way, via his veto.  Pray I am wrong!


In the past, Michigan Republicans didn’t pass bills unless the Republicans had the votes in their own caucus to pass the bills (or at least a majority of the caucus in favor of the bill’s passage).  Now it changes, and important bills are being passed with the vast majority of democrat votes, not Republican votes.  I applaud those legislators that have stood firm against Medicaid expansion and ObamaCare.  We need more leaders and not followers.


It’s my opinion that a free society should limit the authority and power of government.  History demonstrates that a republic lasts only about 200 years, before transitioning into either a direct democracy or outright anarchy, and then becoming an oligarchy.  We are there.  I believe the role of government is to provide a fair and level playing field, where people can do as much or as little as they want and then reap the rewards or lack thereof, with a basic safety net (not a hammock) for those in actual need.  We are making a hammock the norm.  The results will be similar to the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain) – a broken economy.


Pray for those in authority over you.  Pray common sense once again will reign.

For Liberty,

Dave Agema

National Committeeman

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“From the people who brought you the fantasy about the despicable video that caused the Benghazi massacre, who use the IRS as a weapon to go after their political enemies, the ones who chip away at our First, Second, and Fourth Amendment rights only to turn around and trumpet their right to hide behind the Fifth Amendment.  The latest to come out of the Obama Administration?  Just a little slap at Syria.  Really, Mr. President?  Now you want the American people, after all they’ve been through, to take you at your word and blindly follow you into yet another Middle East conflict?”


“Now let me see if I understand this.  We’re looking to bomb Syria because of an alleged chemical attack, risking a potential face-off with Iran and Russia in a move that will ultimately benefit who?  Al-Qaeda?  Mr. President, why for two years did the United States of America and the world stand silent as the civil war unfolded in Syria?  Why is killing one way more heinous and worthy of our response than another?”


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ObamaCare Is Costing Americans Dearly


Leading up to the major ObamaCare implementation milestone on October 1, the RNC has launched a month-long awareness campaign to show all Americans the costs of ObamaCare.  A new website,, will provide voters with state-specific facts on ObamaCare and the latest news on the implementation train wreck.  The RNC is spotlighting how ObamaCare is costing us: it’s killing jobs, hurting our economy, raising premiums, and limiting healthcare access.  It hurts the very people we were told it would help.  It’s important that Americans are well aware of this in order to hold Democrats accountable in 2014.


Despite the president’s promise that “If you like your plan you can keep your plan,” many Americans are losing their employer-provided health insurance.  And healthcare costs will spike under ObamaCare.  The basic promise of the “Affordable Care Act” was that healthcare costs would go down, but for most Americans, that’s not true.  Young Americans especially will see higher costs.  Employees forced off their companies’ plans and onto government-run exchanges will pay higher premiums.  ObamaCare was sold on a lie.


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2014 Democrats Are Covering Up Their Support For Obama


The latest polling shows yet again that ObamaCare isn’t popular.  A new poll out this week shows more Americans oppose than support it.  Three years after passage, the law remains as unpopular as ever.  Good policy should be good politics, but ObamaCare is an unpopular law and bad politics.  Democrats are out of touch with the American people.  Seeing the implications for 2014, the White House desperately deployed President Clinton to stump for the law this week – to little effect.


As 2014 approaches, Democrats, like Arkansas’ Mark Pryor and Alaska’s Mark Begich, are running away from President Obama, despite their previous support for his agenda.  Pryor’s allies claimed he skipped Bill Clinton’s ObamaCare speech to avoid being too closely associated with the law, even though he previously said the law was “good for Arkansas.”  Similarly, Mark Begich is denying his support for a carbon tax, despite voting for one this year.


Democrats up in 2014 know the liberal Obama agenda is increasingly unpopular back home, but that hasn’t stopped them from supporting it in Washington.  The likes of Begich and Pryor haven’t had a change of heart; they’re just reading the polling data.  They’re hoping to distance themselves from Obama just long enough to get reelected; then they can spend another six years voting for liberal government-growing job-killing policies.


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As School Starts, Obama Admin Wants To Keep Poor Kids From Good Schools in Louisiana


President Obama’s Justice Department recently filed a lawsuit that would keep poor Louisiana children in underperforming schools.  At issue is the Louisiana Scholarship Program.  This school year 8,000 children – nearly 90 percent of them minority, all of them low-income – were given scholarships and the chance to attend a private school.  If the Obama administration wins the suit, students in at least 22 districts would be forced back to their failing schools next year.


Every child deserves a quality education, and it’s especially important that low-income students have the chance to attend good schools.  It’s not fair that the Obama administration want to do the bidding of the teachers unions and rob parents of the choice to send their children to good schools.  This isn’t the first time President Obama and his fellow Democrats have opposed such scholarship programs.  They have repeatedly tried to end a similar program in the District of Columbia, the Opportunity Scholarship Program, by cutting funding for it despite its popularity among parents and D.C. residents – and its proven results.


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