I’ve always said you that can tell where a person is going based on where they’ve been.  President Obama was raised by his mother primarily; however, his real father was a Muslim communist.  Likewise, his step father was also.  He was educated in Indonesia at a Muslim school and came to America on a foreign student visa.  As a result of his experiences he pushes us towards socialism.  He views that one person’s poverty is because of another’s success and wealth.


I’ll give the president this much credit:  Yes, the current federal government shutdown was totally preventable.  The democrats, and their media lapdogs, want you to believe that the federal shutdown (that began at around 1:00 a.m. yesterday) is the fault of the obstructionist republicans.  The reality, that you’ll never hear the president mention, is that the shutdown is the direct responsibility of the Senate Democrats and President Obama refusing to negotiate with the House Republicans regarding a basic constitutional responsibility.  If there’s an upside to this mess, it’s that we’re getting a first-hand demonstration of which federal departments, bureaus, agencies, and offices are truly a waste of the taxpayers’ monies.  My take is that the obviously non-essential functions of the federal government need to stay shut down, their staffs pink-slipped, their budgets zeroed-out, and their cabinet appointments pulled . . . and leave them that way.


America was not built on socialism.  It was built as a republic by men who fell to their knees in prayer to God (not Allah) and gave us the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  These two documents were formulated to prevent the very thing that’s happening today in America.  And while you’re at it, remember that the democrats are quite comfortable removing any reference to God from their national platform, as well as openly treating Christ and Israel with disrespect.

Those of you who have lived here in America from birth, and have never seen the terrible ramifications of socialism, tend to be apathetic on this.  My military background and numerous briefings have left me with a great fear and anger for those that propose more and more social programs, including ObamaCare (including Medicaid Expansion).  If we don’t stop this progression in America and in our State soon, we will have lost what so bravely was purchased by the blood of many.  You never know how badly you miss something until you no longer have it.  This is certainly true for freedom.


For this reason, I ask you to more rigorously vet those you vote for, and convince just one other person to change their vote.  Too many make promises, and then retreat from their promises for personal gain once in office, and are often convinced to change by dollars thrown their way by lobbyist.  I have withheld my endorsement for certain races in this coming cycle until I see who else emerges.  I have taken flak for this.  I’m used to it.  You know you’re over the target when you’re taking flak.


Any politician that attempts to take your guns is attempting to take your freedom.  Don’t vote for them.  Remember, we have a national GOP platform and it is diametrically the opposite of the democrats.  If you don’t know what it is, read it (link to the downloadable version here).  Also read the recent resolutions that the RNC has passed.  They’re good.  We support your rights to bear arms.  The UN and Obama are not gun friendly.


Republicans are often outmaneuvered by democrats because the dems go for the heart, not the head as we usually do.  One must ask what the person wants out of life, and show them how to achieve it via our principles.  Ours achieve success, independence and wealth.  Democrat principles breed dependence and poverty.  Which would they rather have?  Can you convince someone?  Some in our party want to change our platform to the left to attract votes.  I don’t for many reasons, the biggest being, it won’t work.  You’ll lose more than you’ll gain, me included.  Stand firm!

For Liberty,

Dave Agema

National Committeeman

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Yesterday’s First Train Wreck – Federal Government Shutdown


The American People wanted ObamaCare defunded and disabled . . . period.  The House Republicans – the majority party in the people’s house – listened to the will of their constituents and took multiple steps to keep the government open, including working deep into the night all weekend.  Speaker Boehner called on Democrat leaders of the Senate to act on multiple measures passed by the House that reflect the opinion of the American people – keep the government open and begin dismantling ObamaCare.  Meanwhile Harry Reid and President Obama didn’t come to the table.  They took Sunday off, and Reid encouraged President Obama to cancel negotiations with Republicans.  (Obama was willing to negotiate with Iran, a known enemy nation, before sitting down with Republicans in Washington.)


Speaker Boehner called on Democrat leaders of the Senate to act on multiple measures passed by the House that reflect the opinion of the American people – keep the government open and begin dismantling ObamaCare – and has already appointed the House Conferees to negotiate the differences between the House and Senate versions of the Continuing Resolution.  Harry Reid is putting his caucus members who are vulnerable in the 2014 election cycle (at least 10 of the 21 Democrat seats up) in a tough spot by making them vote (again) to fund a law that is deeply unpopular in their states, despised by Unions, and costing middle class families – especially after the President has already delayed implementation for big business.


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Yesterday’s Second Train Wreck – ObamaCare Exchanges On-Line?


Last week President Obama joined Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative to tout ObamaCare just one week before the October 1stimplementation date.  We were hoping Obama would tell Americans the truth about ObamaCare – realities they see every time they turn on the local news or read the local paper.  ObamaCare is forcing employers to make cuts and creating a part-time economy for workers.  As we guessed, instead of telling the truth, we heard Obama double down on his talking points.


Once again the Obama Administration is trying to mislead Americans on Obamacare, this time by cherry picking premium numbers.  Called “misleading,” and a “partial picture” that doesn’t “actually reveal very much about what most people will pay,” the report leaves much to be desired.  In fact Jay Carney even admitted it wasn’t an “apples to apples” comparison of insurance costs.  The truth the White House doesn’t want to admit is people will face higher costs, smaller healthcare networks, and an actual comparison of premiums from states around the country shows why the administration wanted to cherry pick the numbers.


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ObamaCare Is Deeply Unpopular And Even Unions Are Getting Ready To Call For Repeal


Good policy should be good politics, but ObamaCare is an unpopular law and bad politics. Democrats are out of touch with the American people – and now even with some of their strongest allies.  The Obama Administration continues to push ObamaCare, but everyday more Americans join the chorus calling for repeal.


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The Crisis In Syria Shows Obama’s Flailing Foreign Policy


First, the Obama Administration ducked and dodged the Syria crisis for months.  Then, it got involved and since failed to offer clarity on its position.  Three weeks ago, on Tuesday night, President Obama addressed the nation in a speech that was widely criticized.  On Thursday, Vladimir Putin penned an op-ed in the New York Times against U.S. military intervention, as observers note the deteriorating relationship with Russia.


As Chairman Priebus said, “The administration’s handling of the U.S. response to Syria has been so haphazard it’s disappointed even the president’s most ardent supporters.  This rudderless diplomacy has embarrassed America on the world stage.  For a president who campaigned on building American credibility abroad, the lack of leadership coming from the Oval Office is astounding.”  Putin has diminished the American presidency, and used the New York Times editorial page to take a victory lap.


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One Year After Benghazi, Americans Still Have Questions


Three weeks ago marked the one year anniversary of the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, when four Americans were killed.  The Obama administration and the Clinton State Department did everything they could to obscure the truth, and now those who dare to speak out feel like they have been punished.  Gregory Hicks, former Deputy Chief Of Mission in Libya, said, “I feel that I have been punished” and that he was “effectively demoted” by the State Department for speaking out about Benghazi.


Americans are right to have questions:  Why are some key players still reluctant to face questions about Benghazi?  Why did Hillary Clinton place blame on four individuals who have now been reinstated at State?  Why is a Benghazi suspect still at large for the U.S. government but available for media interviews?


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