I’m always amazed at how gullible the masses are concerning the news media.  83% of the government was still working while 17% weren’t.  I suspect there is a greater percentage yet that is NOT essential.  To have all these employees of the government, who didn’t work during the shutdown, get their back pay is unconscionable.  This will make not working during the shutdown amount to a paid vacation – I have issues with this.  Civilian employers don’t do that, neither should the government.  But they’re special, and I’m sure we will never see what that unnecessary cost was.


The only way government will stop growing and spending is to turn off the money hose.  Just freezing the budget would do wonders in a few short years.  Truly government has only one propensity, and that is to grow in size and expenditure until too many are government workers and too few are supporting them.  When this continues too long, we end out exactly like Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain (the PIGS).  Surely we are nearly there.  I anticipate higher interest rates and inflation, caused by the government’s printing of money to the tune of $1 trillion a year with nothing to back it up but the faith the American people have in it.


We should have been ahead of the news game, by explaining to the people that the House has the power of the purse, not the Senate or the President.  We should have explained beforehand that the President is the one who by his veto power shuts down the government, not the House or the republicans.  This was all very predictable.  We should have said it, printed it, emailed it, and hammered home what was about to happen because the president and democrats wanted to control another 1/6th of our economy and ruin that sector of the economy like they have so many others.


We are engaged in a cold civil war concerning the direction of this country.  The road is bending left into socialism/communism.  That road NEVER succeeds, but every society before us went the same way just prior to their demise, because people like to get things they didn’t work for.  The threats of major catastrophe thus far were unfounded.  Pain was inflicted for effect, by the President, which was unnecessary.  I have absolutely no respect for Obama, nor his actions and policies.  The pain from default now is nothing compared to the imminent greater pain later.  To capitulate shows weakness.  We are where we are today because we have capitulated in the past.


People are tired of the bickering, so that means we must present what we will do differently.  The RNC is in the process of comparison of our platform and the Dems.  This will open the eyes of some, but not all.  We need another contract with America – positive, upbeat, less regulation, fewer taxes, more (non government) jobs, and more freedom.


Our party cannot win without the help of the Tea Parties, the Campaign for Liberty, I-Caucus and other independents.  To disenfranchise these groups is politically suicidal.  I have spoken with many of these groups throughout Michigan and have found them, with few exceptions, to be common sense good people who simply want to return to what our forefathers so desperately fought for.  They want the government less in their lives and pocketbook.  So do I.  Work with them, include them and find common ground, or we lose.  If the party decides to stifle or exclude them, then they do it to their own demise.  People are looking for uncompromising leaders who will stand on principle.  People are yearning for leaders that speak the truth plainly.  Let us agree to find and elect such leaders.

For Liberty,

Dave Agema

National Committeeman

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Republicans Want To Open Government; Democrats Refuse To Negotiate


President Obama and Senate Democrats have repeated their refusal to negotiate in order to re-open the government.  At a private White House meeting with Congressional leaders, the president again said he refused to compromise.  Republicans want the government open, but Democrats refuse to find any common ground.  From the beginning, Republicans have tried to do two things the American people want: protect them from the ObamaCare train wreck and keep the government running.  Democrats’ insistence on getting 100 percent of what they want, regardless of the consequences for the country, threatens to increase uncertainty for millions of Americans as our nation’s economy continues to struggle to create jobs.  Republicans will focus on passing legislation that will fund our national parks, veterans’ services, and the National Institute for Health, in addition to others, and get the government open again.  Fifty-seven Democrats have broken ranks to join Republicans in voting for these provisions, but Harry Reid continues to think it’s a game.


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The only thing new about this shutdown is . . .


By the performance measure that Senator Reid and President Obama want to apply to Speaker Boehner, Tip O’Neill absolutely sucked as Speaker of the House.  During O’Neill’s tenure as the 55th Speaker of the House (January 4, 1977 – January 3, 1987), there were no fewer than 12 shutdowns of the federal government . . . five of them when Jimmy Carter was the President!!!  Back then, a government shutdown was viewed as an action-forcing event, as a way to get both sides of the debate to the negotiating table, and place a sense of urgency on those negotiations.  Even during the combined 26-day shutdown under Gingrich-Clinton, negotiations were a daily occurrence.  Obama, on the other hand, refuses to negotiate with House Republican Leadership (apparently believing that negotiating with his “enemies” will humanize them).


For the record, during O’Neill’s speakership tenure, the average duration of a shutdown during the Carter presidency, when the Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress, was about 11 days.  The average duration under O’Neill-Reagan, when the Republicans controlled the Senate and the Democrats controlled the House, was 2 days.


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Democrats Vote Against Vets and Children With Cancer


Post-shutdown, the House advanced plans to fund multiple parts of government, including memorials, parks, and children’s cancer treatments.  Democrats again opposed them all, and the White House promised to veto.  Asked why the Senate would not pass a House bill to allow children’s cancer treatments to continue amid the two parties’ disagreements, Senator Reid answered, incredibly: “Why would we do that?”  It’s appalling that Harry Reid and Democrats would oppose legislation to begin re-opening government, especially for items like the NIH and cancer research.  It just proves that they’re more concerned about the politics of shutdown than preventing its consequences.


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ObamaCare Glitches Show Law Isn’t Ready For Primetime


Talk of ObamaCare centers on the exchanges right now, but its other impacts are still happening: laid off workers, business cut backs, slashed hours, increased premium costs, and dropped coverage.  Harry Reid says Americans “love” ObamaCare and will love it even more over time and Nancy Pelosi said it’s “a dream come true”.  Tell that to the single mom who is now a part-time worker.  Tell that to the family who lost their coverage.  Tell that to the young American who now must pay more for health insurance – whether he wants to or not.  Tell that to the small businesswoman who can no longer afford to expand her business because of added costs and regulations.  Democrats are out of touch.


The ObamaCare exchanges opened on October 1, but very few Americans have had success navigating the websites to get coverage.  Error messages, long waits, and malfunctioning websites greeted those who tried to sign up.  The White House brags about website hits (some state numbers which were inflated), but is silent about the number who actually got coverage.  ObamaCare clearly wasn’t ready for primetime.  There have been so many “glitches” that it looks more like systemic failure.  With all these problems, a delay of the individual mandate is altogether reasonable, but Democrats still oppose it.  Americans aren’t getting much coverage from the exchanges so far – just headaches.


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What default are you talking about?


From Mike Huckabee, a Finance 101 lesson for the President … President Obama accused Republicans of risking default if they don’t raise the debt ceiling.  He should be trying to calm markets and reassure our creditors, not panic them.  That was worse than irresponsible, it was just wrong.  True, Washington spends more than it brings in.  That’s why we need a good credit rating.  But Washington brings in $3 trillion a year.  The interest on the debt is about $416 billion.  That’s outrageous, but it’s still just one-seventh of Washington’s income.  God knows, they weren’t planning to pay down the principal.  So all it takes to prevent default is to pay the interest.  We have more than enough income to cover it, and since the law requires us to pay that first, it will be paid.  Voila!  No default.  So maybe now, the leaders of both parties can take a timeout to think about how they brought America to the point that it’s easy to believe our economy would collapse if we couldn’t borrow another trillion dollars by Tuesday.


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