“The America that has flourished for more than two centuries, is being quietly but steadily dismantled by the Obama Administration.” – Dr. Thomas Sowell


The ACA (Affordable Care Act) is not affordable.  The statistics from nearly all the states show it’s more expensive.  Socialized medicine always turns into rationed healthcare, at a higher cost with longer waiting lines.  As an example of inept government solutions, let’s look at what we did with poverty – the same will happen with healthcare.


The war on poverty by our government has been going on for decades and has not helped.  Just in the last five years Obama has spent $3.7 trillion on welfare, plus the states have spent another $200 billion, and we have more poverty than ever, because it’s a hand out.  Compare the $3.7 trillion with the $797 billion spent in total on education, TANF (Temporary Aid to Needy Families), NASA, and SNAP (food assistance).  The CATO Institute discovered that expenditures on Medicaid, TANF, and SNAP in Hawaii averaged $49,000 per welfare household, and in the District of Columbia $43,000.  Expect the same costs and inefficiencies to occur in ObamaCare.  A competitive civilian market always produces more at a cheaper price – it’s called capitalism, and yes, profit is a good thing.  Government always operates at a loss.


  • The original cost of ObamaCare was $900 billion; it’s now $2.7 trillion and rising.
  • He said you could keep your present healthcare – he lied.
  • He said it would be $2500 cheaper – he lied.
  • He said the government shut down would cause us to default on our debt – he lied; even Greenspan said that was not true.


Also consider the lies with Benghazi, NSA, IRS, military generals being fired, etc.  All these should be a smorgasbord for us to capitalize on.  Every time a problem occurs, someone else besides Obama takes a fall, and he claims he knew nothing about it.  Well, he’s either the least informed, most incompetent president we’ve ever had, or he’s the most deceitful.  I suspect the latter.


While Obama continues, his spending spree is lowering the value of our money.  The Chinese renminbi is up 32.14% and the Singapore dollar is up 31.08%.  China is poised to be the next international currency soon.  This will hurt our economy in a huge way if that happens via inflation.  Also, new huge discoveries of oil in Australia (233 billion barrels), as compared to the Saudi 263 billion barrels, will hurt our economy, because it makes our shale oil less valuable.  This discovery is 6 times bigger than the Bakken Formation in Montana and North Dakota, 17 times larger than the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania, and 80 times bigger than the Eagle Ford Basin in Texas.  Remember, Obama shut down much of our exploration on Federal lands.  Private land production increased, public lands’ didn’t.  He should have opened every possible way to obtain oil in the US to become energy independent.  Drill baby drill!


The latest unemployment rate of 7.2% for September is deceptive.  The economy added only 148,000 jobs.  10 million people have dropped out of the work force, and the percentage of able-bodied adults working is still 63.2%, which is the lowest rate in 35 years.  The real unemployment rate is currently 13.6%.  How’s that for hope and change (and all the while the government spends more)?


“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” – Jesus of Nazareth (ref: Matthew 12:25, Mark 3:24-25, and Luke 11:17)


There’s an old saying that good leaders need to hear what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.  If the latter is the case, bad decisions are made.


I have been speaking a lot around the state, and what I hear is a desire for the GOP to listen more to the grassroots, not just use them around election time.  There is room for many new faces in the GOP.  The alternative is a democrat-socialist party making our lives even worse.  I encourage every republican to change one person’s mind to vote republican before the next election and we will win.  After the win, we hold our elected officials accountable for the promises they’ve made.  People are yearning for real leaders who do the right thing regardless of their personal gain or demise – that’s called integrity.

For Liberty,

Dave Agema

National Committeeman

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Yes, This Is An Opportunity


Yes, the mainstream (liberal-biased) media is going to hammer the Republican Party over the federal shutdown; this should surprise absolutely no one.  Yes, the media has republicans currently on defense, and has for the time being stacked public opinion against them (no surprise).  But the failures and costs of ObamaCare (and the lies that were the sales pitch), the continuing weak economy (in jobs and take-home pay), the growing government debt, and the inevitable failures of bureaucratic big government are becoming more and more obvious (to even the typical low-information voter).  If the Republican Party plays its cards right, there’s a once-in-a-generation opportunity here.


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Democrats Are Fleeing ObamaCare


A growing number of Democrats are calling for delays in ObamaCare’s individual mandate in the wake of the healthcare.gov rollout.  Republicans in the House passed a delay of the individual mandate months ago, but Democrats in the Senate rejected it and the President promised to veto it.  Democrats are fleeing ObamaCare as its failures become increasingly obvious.  If they’d agreed to an individual mandate delay a month ago, America could have avoided the entire government shutdown.  President Obama let the government shut down because he refused to delay the mandate.


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The Website Glitches Are A Symptom Of The Problem.


The persistent glitches on healthcare.gov are a further sign that the law was rushed and simply cannot work for the American people.  Even the “best and brightest” cannot fix the fact that the entire law is deeply flawed.  If stage one doesn’t even work how can we trust that the rest of the law will?  ObamaCare is drastically raising premiums, forcing individuals and families off of their existing plans, and forcing businesses to reduce workers hours.  It’s too big, too expensive, and the American people are feeling the burden.  The problem isn’t just the glitches, it’s the entire law.


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Fire Sebelius


Nearly four weeks since the launch of healthcare.gov, the website still isn’t working.  The administration spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on the website.  No one in administration has resigned, nor has anyone been fired.  That would never happen in the private sector.


No one bears more responsibility for the failed ObamaCare rollout than Kathleen Sebelius, but rather than fire her, the president continues to voice his support for her.  She claims that she doesn’t work for the American people.  It’s amazing that the Obama Administration doesn’t understand that the American people are their bosses.  Someone must be held accountable for the waste of time and money.  Fire Sebelius.


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President Obama Hosts An Infomercial


The healthcare.gov “glitches” have become so bad that the president gave a Rose Garden speech this week.  He talked about his “good product” and surrounded himself with happy “customers.”  Many compared it to an infomercial.  The Commander-in-Chief was reduced to giving out a 1-800 number which Americans could attempt to bypass healthcare.gov.  Afterward, Jay Carney had a particularly rough press briefing where he was asked about penalizing individuals when they can’t access ObamaCare, why HHS hired a firm the Canadian government fired, and who misled the president that ObamaCare would be like booking a hotel or plane ticket on Kayak, among other things.


A dozen smiling faces in the Rose Garden can’t hide the colossal failure of the ObamaCare exchange rollout. Each passing day we find out more embarrassing news: it wasn’t properly tested; development was rushed; the president wasn’t kept in the loop; enrollment numbers are much, much lower than predicted.


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There Wasn’t Much Good News in the Jobs Report


The September jobs report came out on Tuesday and showed only a small decrease in the unemployment rate.  It now stands at 7.2%, and the labor force participation rate was unchanged; the percentage of Americans in the workforce hasn’t been this low since 1978.  There was little good news in the jobs report.  Only a handful of Americans found work in September, and far too many Americans are still out of work.  The president’s policies aren’t helping, and ObamaCare continues to result in job losses, cut hours, and slowed business expansion.


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House Wants Commonsense Immigration Reform


The president raised the immigration issue again last week.  Many have observed that it may be an attempt to distract from ObamaCare.  America has a broken immigration system, and we need reform that would boost our economy.  Speaker Boehner and House Republicans believe that reform does not require massive, ObamaCare-style legislation that no one understands.  Instead, the House is pursuing a common sense, step-by-step approach that gives Americans confidence that reform is done the right way.


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