Before I get started, I’d like to show you the video below, which is, I think, the best deconstruction of the ObamaCare disaster that I’ve yet to see (and it’s pretty thorough).  Even if you don’t read any further, please watch this video:

Oh, and just so we’re clear, even though they’ve done their very best to hide this truth from public view, anyone who registers on shouldn’t be under any illusion that their private data is protected from public view:

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As we approach the Christmas season, let us continue in the hope our forefathers had for a better America.  Christmas has always been a time of family and commitment to our God, who blesses a nation that honors Him.


Yes, we have seen much destruction of America as the result of men seeking power and money, yet we are the most blessed nation in the world, because throughout our nation’s history men and women have stood up against tyranny, persecution, and liberalism for the sake of freedom.  I doubt whether there has ever been a better time to get involved in politics than now.  All that’s necessary is to keep on keeping on.  Perseverance wins.  Giving up doesn’t.


It seems everywhere in the political realm I look, I see the Judeo Christian ethic under attack.  These principles were the ones our founding fathers used to formulate our Constitution.  They work.  Many of our founding fathers had divinity degrees.  All put their lives on the line when our Declaration of Independence was formed.  We should do no less for the benefit of those that follow us.


We are under attack by the democrat machine.  They seek to expose any division they can find within the GOP.  That is the only course of action they have, since the Obama administration has had so many scandals and the .promises made have all evaporated.  We must stress our unity against his governance and for our principles.  For this reason, I have asked the RNC to formulate a simple hand-out for all our delegates and precinct captains to use when going door to door.  They said it would be ready by the January RNC meeting in Washington.  It will compare the GOP platform to the democrat platform.  The differences are huge and should make people question their loyalty to the democrat party.


The RNC GOP platform is a good one, but few have read it.  (The PDF-downloadable version is available here.)  The Michigan GOP doesn’t even have a platform.  I encourage the adoption of the national platform as Michigan’s.  If we are all on the same page, much can be accomplished.  Many resolutions have been passed at the RNC as well.  Many of these are excellent.  Your RNC has definitely going more conservative, not more liberal, with the new people elected.

For Liberty,

Dave Agema

National Committeeman

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