Some interesting and thought provoking statistics:

The US only exports 10% of its goods created – 1.2% to Europe, 1.2% to Brazil, Russia, India,

and China, and 7.6% to Canada and Mexico.

• The US makes up 19% of the worlds economy

• The Euro block (the UK and Europe) makes up 16% of the worlds economy.

• China’s economy is only 1/2 the size of the US.

Federal liabilities have dramatically increased since 2008; however, so have reserves, because

people were paying off debt and banks can’t find people to lend to.

• (SHOW THIS TO YOUR KIDS) unemployment rates for people with:

1. Less than a high school education= 11.3%

2. With high school:= 7.6%

3. Some college= 6.1%

4. College degree= 3.5%

• The historic unemployment rate of America is about 6.1% (higher now)

• Working hours of Americans have decreased due to ObamaCare.

Interest rates are 0% on Federal funds but are expected to go up to 4% somewhere between

2015-2016, meaning house loans would increase to about 8%. Buy now!

• Canada is threatening to build their pipeline to Vancouver if we don’t allow the pipeline

to be built to across America to Texas (Obama strikes again).

• Mexico is now allowing private enterprise to drill for its gas and oil reserves, which are

greater than the US or Venezuela. They are changing their constitution to allow it.

• Texas is the number 1 energy producer in the US

• North Dakota is number 2 in energy production in the US

• Michigan has huge potential for natural gas production if tapped.

The multiplier effect of money is how many times a dollar is spent in a year’s time. Since 2008,

people started to pay off more debt and not spending as much. Normally the multiplier is 8×, but

now it’s 3×, so money is not circulating, which equates to less jobs via less purchases of goods

and services.

So what’s all this mean?

• The US still is in a favorable position as a world currency (so far).

• Now is the time to build or buy homes before interest rates rise.

• Our lack of drilling for oil and gas, nor building pipelines and refineries, may put us in an

unfavorable position in the future as other countries become exporters of energy.

• Get a college degree to assure you have work.

• Unemployment is still too high and ObamaCare is making it worse.

• Obama needs to allow the pipeline to be built.

Agema Newsletter Draft (13 Jan 2014)

• The US needs to export more of its products. For example, Germany exports 41.6% of

their goods to other countries.

My Wish List, Too

We’ve had a major dent put into our traditional values system this year, courtesy of the U.

S. Supreme Court decision in Hollingsworth v. Perry (nullifying California’s Proposition 8),

because the gay lobby insists on abusing the Supremacy Clause to override State Sovereignty.

The resulting state-by-state lawsuits nationwide are directly targeted at the state constitutional

amendments that were duly ratified by the voters. One of those (Kitchen v. Herbert) was upheld

last weekend by a federal judge in Utah, preventing the state from enforcing Article I § 29 of

the Utah Constitution, and Sections 30-1-2 and 30-1-4.1 of the Utah Code, based on a perverted

interpretation of the Due Process and Equal Protection clauses of the U. S. Constitution. One

pending in Michigan (DeBoer v. Snyder) is notable because the federal judge, Bernard Friedman,

actually encouraged the plaintiffs to pull their original adoption case and re-file a challenge

to Michigan’s Marriage Amendment (Proposal 04-2, now Article I § 25 of the Michigan

Constitution). His reasoning? He wants to know what rational government purpose is served

by treating same-sex couples differently. For now, pray that our State Attorney General can

come up with a rational explanation that’s going to carry any weight with an activist judge who’s

already overstepped his constitutional bounds.

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Noteworthy Articles

Jobs Report Is Bad News For Economy

Only 74,000 jobs were created in December, the smallest increase since January 2011. The

unemployment rate went down only because so many people left the workforce. The Labor

Force Participation Rate is now at a 36-year low; it’s the worst since 1978. Too many

Americans are out of work, and the economy isn’t as strong as some want to believe. It’s not

fair to Americans searching for work that Democrats refuse to consider the dozens of job-
creating bills that the Republican-led House has passed. It’s not fair to entrepreneurs that

Democrats refuse to recognize ObamaCare’s toxic effect on the economy. With the Labor Force

Participation Rate mirroring the Carter years, is this really an acceptable recovery?

Read more at: “An “Ugly” Jobs Report” and “RNC Statement on December Jobs Report”

Growing Government Doesn’t Reduce Poverty

Agema Newsletter Draft (13 Jan 2014)

With the 50th

been much discussion about poverty and inequality. Today, there are 46 million Americans

living below the poverty line, a record number. Poverty is highest in some of our biggest cities,

which have been led by Democrats year after year. The top-down federal bureaucracies have

lost this war. A job is the best anti-poverty program. That’s why it’s so sad that Obama and

the Democrats don’t take job creation seriously. It’s not right that more Americans have fallen

into poverty during the Obama presidency. Median incomes have fallen; families are seeing

paychecks even as their bills get more expensive. Good jobs, quality schools, and economic

growth are what they need and deserve.

Read more at: “Combating Poverty” and “Rethinking the War on Poverty” and “Gingrich:

Liberal ‘War on Poverty’ Has Failed” and “‘Small Soy Latte Liberalism’ Sums Up Years of

Failure on Poverty”

We Need Long-Term Solutions To Help The Unemployed

Democrats have argued for extending long-term unemployment benefits without paying for

them. Senate Republicans have offered plans to pay for the benefits, and House Republicans

have passed bills focused on actually getting people back to work. Why do Democrats insist

on band-aids rather than long-term solutions to the unemployment problem? They seem

uninterested in anything that doesn’t put the feds in charge and grow the government. The single

moms, struggling young people, and all our unemployed fellow citizens deserve real, long-term

solutions. Why are Democrats putting politics ahead of people who want to get back to work?

Read more at: “148 bills the House has passed that have not had Senate action” and “One Year

Later, No Progress On Promise Zones”

Christie Shows Obama How To Lead

In response to the bridge controversy in New Jersey, Chris Christie took swift action, fired those

involved, and took questions from the press for nearly two hours. Governor Christie showed

decisive leadership and demonstrated what to do when government personnel take unacceptable

actions. It’s a shame President Obama didn’t show similar leadership in the many scandals that

his administration has created – Benghazi, IRS targeting, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, journalist

wiretapping, and more.

Read more at: “EDITORIAL: Chris Christie shows Obama how to lead by firing staff for bridge

traffic jams”

Clinton, Obama, Biden exposed in Gates Book

Robert Gates’ new memoir reveals both Hillary Clinton and President Obama opposed the

Iraq surge for purely political reasons. He also calls out VP Biden for being “wrong on nearly

every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” The memoir

is bad news for both Clinton’s and Biden’s 2016 aspirations. It only confirms the perception

that everything Clinton does is a political calculation. And it portrays Biden as completely

anniversary of President Johnson’s declaration of the war on poverty, there’s

Agema Newsletter Draft (13 Jan 2014)

incompetent in what is supposed to be his wheel house.

Read more at: “Robert Gates Hits Obama, Biden, Clinton In New Book, But Will Americans

Care?” and “How Bob Gates’ memoir could haunt Hillary in 2016” and “Even More Conflict In

Clintonworld” and “A Walk Down Biden’s Memory Lane”

For Obama, 2013 Was Bad; 2014 Isn’t Looking Better

President Obama ended 2013 with his approval rating at record lows and was awarded “Lie

of the Year.” A majority of Americans distrust him. His signature legislation is unpopular

and continues to generate negative headlines. It’s not a happy new year for the president.

The American people have lost trust in him, and his administration continues to mishandle

ObamaCare. It will be harder for him to convince Americans to support his agenda, and difficult

for him to get his fellow Democrats to support him.

Read more at: “Obama’s New Year Numbers” and “Obama’s Terrible Year In Review”

ObamaCare Falls Far Below Target

The administration’s target was 3.3 million Americans signed up for healthcare through the

exchanges by the end of 2013 and 7 million signups by the end of the open enrollment period.

ObamaCare is currently over a million short. Because of website glitches and confusion about

payments, it’s not clear if those Americans really have coverage. ObamaCare was so poorly

designed and implemented that it can’t meet the administration’s own goals. It’s failed by their

own standards. What’s more, 5 million Americans have received cancelation notices, meaning

more Americans have lost coverage than have signed up for coverage.

Read more at: “ObamaCare Not Living Up To Sen. Jeff Merkley’s Promises For One Oregon

Mom” and “Sen. Mark Udall Pressured State Officials To Rewrite Bad ObamaCare Stats” and

“Don’t Bail Out the Big Insurance Companies”

“Keep Your Doctor” Is Next Lie of Year

“If you like your plan, you can keep it,” was 2013’s Lie of the Year. “If you like your doctor,

you can keep you doctor,” could be 2014’s Lie of the Year. Many Americans are learning that

their doctors are now out of network as insurance companies find ways to cut costs because of

ObamaCare. Others doctors have retired altogether to avoid dealing with ObamaCare. There

were two big promises on which ObamaCare was sold: “You can keep your plan,” and “you

can keep your doctor.” The first has proven false. The second will be as well. Once again, the

Democrats have been caught lying to the American people. ObamaCare’s unpopularity will only

increase – and so will their party’s.

Read more at: “The Doctor Can’t See You Now” and “ObamaCare’s Medicaid Expansion To

Increase Costs For The Country”

2014 Democrats Should Be Nervous

Agema Newsletter Draft (13 Jan 2014)

President Obama is unpopular and so is Democrats’ signature piece of legislation. 2014

candidates will find it difficult to distance themselves from both. Since the implementation of

ObamaCare, many vulnerable Senate candidates have seen their polls numbers drop sharply.

Voters frustrated by ObamaCare will be ready to hold someone accountable in November. The

easiest way to do that is to kick Democrat Senators out of office. Vulnerable candidates like

Pryor, Begich, Landrieu, and Shaheen are trying to run away from the president, but their record

on ObamaCare is clear: they supported it, they lied about its effects, so they are responsible.

Read more at: “2014 Democrats Who Echoed Obama’s Lie” and “RNC Launches New Year’s

Resolutions Radio Ads Against Targeted Democrats” and “Millennials are going to hear from us

in 2014”

Economy Still Not In Good Shape; ObamaCare Not Helping

Unemployment remains high at 7 percent. 20.7 million Americans are unemployed, are

underemployed, or have given up looking for work. Unemployment for 20-24 year olds is 11.6.

Businesses large and small report that they’re hiring less because of ObamaCare. Many part-
time workers have seen smaller paychecks. ObamaCare isn’t helping the economy recover. It

costs businesses more to stay open. It means smaller paychecks for workers. And it means

less disposable income for families forced to pay more for health insurance. Its red tape and

regulations slow down hiring, hurting the unemployed.

Read more at: “Another Report Disproves A White House ObamaCare Talking Point” and

“New Year, New ObamaCare Taxes”