They want Republicans to speak with a clear voice, as Agema has done.

“The Republicans are not really standing for anything anymore,” said Tomas Ojeda, a former U.S. Marine. “Nothing on immigration, nothing on pro-life and, as you can see, now they can’t say anything about homosexuality.

“If you’re going to go into politics and you can’t articulate your position, that’s like a Marine that can’t shoot. Those are your bullets.”

Mark Petzold was there “standing up for what’s right and what’s good,” he said.

“I know the man and I know his character. Without any problem I’ll stand next to him,” said Petzold, president of River City Patriots and the Sons of Liberty Riders. “We need more people like him because our country’s problem is not political, it’s spiritual. We’re in the midst of spiritual warfare and so somebody like him that’s standing on principle is a way of helping to bring about that (spiritual) awakening because even in spite of the controversy (over Agema’s remarks) the discussion is happening.

– Matt Vande Bunte;

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