In the last newsletter I gave the recent rule changes and resolutions adopted at the RNC winter meeting. Since that newsletter, Ronna Romney McDaniel was elected as our new National Committeewoman at the State Committee meeting back on February 15th. Congratulations, Ronna, and welcome to the RNC; I’m looking forward to serving with you over the next two years.


The State Committee meetings for the rest of the year are as follows:

  • May 2-3: Shanty Creek Resort near Traverse City
  • August 22-23: Novi
  • Dec 12-13: To be determined


Committee chairs:

  • Budget: Bill Runco (313-278-6160 / 313-565-3833)
  • Grassroots: Kim MacMaster (231-360-0636)
  • Issues: Stan Grot (586-677-2002 / 586-453-5988)
  • Coalitions: Megan Buwalda (269-760-6618)
  • Policy: Theresa Mungioli (248-225-2864)
  • Election Day Operations: Susan Chmielewski (734-946-7931 / 734-787-1379)
  • Technology: Russ Spencer (810-629-6687)


GREAT numbers of people (225,000 and counting) are losing their health insurance in Michigan due to ObamaCare. Most pay more for less under this fiasco. This is a huge wedge issue that even democrats are running from.


Our party’s values and platform are far superior to the democrats. If we stay on platform and stay on message, we will win every time. If you don’t know what they are, then read them so we are all on the same page. (I have been surprised by how many people don’t know what they are.) There’s a reason that I pushed for the passage of my Core Values Resolution at an earlier RNC meeting.


We must win by working with people who SUPPORT our platform and values. A house divided cannot stand, but in honest unity all things are possible. We need unity not just within the GOP, but with the Republican Women’s Federation, the Tea Party, the Campaign for Liberty, the College Republicans, iCaucus, veterans’ organizations, etc., because we need them to win. Without their support, we can’t.

Noteworthy Articles

ObamaCare Is Failing By Administration’s Standards, Continues To Inflict Pain


The Obama administration defined success for ObamaCare as having 7 million Americans enrolled by March 31. They are unlikely to meet that goal. Now Obama and Biden are trying to lower expectations. Biden admitted Wednesday, “we may not get to seven million.” By the administration’s own standards, ObamaCare is failing. If they can’t meet their own goals for their own law, it should be clear that they law is a disaster. HHS Secretary Sebelius said 7 million enrollees would be “what success looks like.” Instead, we’re seeing what failure “looks like.”


ObamaCare is making healthcare more expensive for millions of Americans. Cuts to Medicare Advantage will mean higher costs for seniors. Rural Americans face limited health options and high premiums on the ObamaCare Exchange. In Washington State, hundreds of children are being denied access to their doctors. ObamaCare is actually depriving many Americans of healthcare and limiting access to care and to doctors. Republicans warned this would happen, but now the effects are being felt in real time. It’s not fair that a bill allegedly meant to improve healthcare is making Americans’ lives worse.


Read more at: “ObamaCare Devastating Local Govt. And Public School Workers” and “ObamaCare Nightmares In The States” and “Laboratories Of Failure


Democrats Are Running Scared From ObamaCare, Pretending They’re Just Not That Into Obama


Democrats up for election in 2014 are eager to talk about anything other than ObamaCare. Their ads don’t mention ObamaCare. OFA is focusing on other issues. National Journal has asked, “Where is the Democratic Party’s Pro-ObamaCare campaign?” On Friday, Senator Joe Manchin had had enough: “I will vote tomorrow to repeal” ObamaCare, he said. ObamaCare is a political liability for Democrats. They can try to distance themselves as much as they want, but their party is solely responsible for the law and its consequences. All vulnerable senators up for re-election voted for ObamaCare. Not a single Republican did.


Democrats up for reelection this year are pretending they don’t support Obama as they campaign. In a recent meeting with Senate Democrats the president actually offered to “stay away” from Senate races. Udall, Landrieu, Shaheen, Hagan, and Pryor have avoided being seen with Obama, and they dodge questions about whether he’ll campaign with them. Democrats can run from Obama, but they are still responsible for passing his unpopular policies. They can avoid being seen with him in public, but that won’t be enough for Americans to forget the Senators’ support for ObamaCare. The fact is Obama is unpopular, and Democrats are inextricably linked to him.


Read more at: “They’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling


Democrats Regretting Their Cuts To Medicare Advantage


Last week, 19 Senate Democrats sent a letter to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services administrator opposing planned cuts to the Medicare Advantage program. Among them were Senators Hagan, Landrieu, Merkley, Pryor, Shaheen, Udall, and Warner. These Senators specifically voted to allow these cuts, even voting down a Republican amendment in 2009 to protect Medicare Advantage from cuts in the ObamaCare bill. But with an election looming, they’re changing their position. These cuts to Medicare advantage will disrupt care and raise costs for America’s seniors. Democrats are solely responsible – including vulnerable Democrat Senators up for re-election. They may be changing their tune now, but they created this problem. Election-year pandering won’t get them off the hook, and Republicans will hold them accountable – and continue advocating for America’s seniors.


Read more at: “Medicare Advantage Is Cut As 2014 Democrats Scramble For Cover


ObamaCare Delay Is An Attempt To Avert Midterm Losses


Recently the Obama administration issued a second delay for ObamaCare’s employer mandate. News outlets across the spectrum recognized it as an attempt “to limit election-year damage,” as the Associated Press put it. As businesses get a delay, however, Americans are still subjected to the individual mandate penalty tax. This is the White House’s admission that ObamaCare isn’t working and is unpopular. They know that if the employer mandate were in full effect, the negative effects would be enough for Americans to kick Democrats out of office. This move reeks of politics at its worst, and it shows yet again the Obama administration thinks it can pick and choose which laws – and parts of laws – to enforce.


Read more at: “ObamaCare Enrollments Continue To Lag Cancellation Notices In 2014 States” and “Another Day, Another ObamaCare Delay


ObamaCare Means Smaller Paychecks And Fewer Workers


The CBO reported that ObamaCare will reduce the number of full-time equivalent workers by 2.5 million people by reducing the “incentives to work.” It “will slow economic growth over the next decade.” Democrats have actually cheered this finding. Democrats are so desperate to spin ObamaCare that they’re celebrating the fact that Americans will be working less – even at a time when the Labor Force Participation Rate is as low as it was in the 70’s. The simple truth is that ObamaCare is bad for the economy and for workers. In the absence of ObamaCare, more people would be working full time in the coming years. In the absence of ObamaCare, many workers would be taking home bigger paychecks.


Read more at: “RNC Launches “Smaller Paychecks, Fewer Workers” Web Ad Series


Obama’s Budget Kicks The Can Down The Road


President Obama will release his budget next month. It will drop previous proposals for modest entitlement reform and add $56 billion in new spending initiatives. Meanwhile, the national debt is over $17 trillion. Once again, the White House shows it’s unserious about deficit reduction. For them, new spending programs take precedence over balancing the budget. Moreover, by dropping the Social Security CPI Proposal, Obama is placating far-left liberals and abandoning any pretense of wanting compromise.


Read more at: “Obama’s Budget Kicks The Can Down The Road … Again” and “The Stimulus That Wasn’t


Obama’s Bundlers-Turned-Ambassadors Are Embarrassing Him And The Country


In Senate hearings, President Obama’s recent ambassadorial picks – who were major bundlers to the Obama campaign – have shown an extreme lack of knowledge about the countries to which they’ve been appointed. George Tsunis, nominee for ambassador of Norway, couldn’t identify trade opportunities with Norway or the country’s form of government. Noah Mamet, nominee for Argentina, has never visited the country; the State Department is unsure if he speaks Spanish. Colleen Bell, nominee for Hungary, gave an incoherent answer about U.S. interests in Hungary. President Obama has broken all records for the number of bundlers appointed to be ambassadors. These are just the latest bundlers-turned-ambassadors to show they’re completely unqualified for important posts. This administration clearly prioritizes political favor-trading over qualified public service.


Read more at: “Obama’s Bundler Blues ” and “Ambassadors for dummies


New Look Into Clinton’s Past Reveals Cover Ups And Plans For Revenge


The Washington Free Beacon revealed new information on Hillary Clinton’s, past based on the diary of her friend and confidante Diane Blair. Conveniently, the Clinton Library (which houses the papers) was on lockdown during her last presidential run. Now we know why Clinton had the library on lockdown. Among other things, the Blair archives reveal Hillary Clinton supports a single-payer healthcare system, despite claims to the contrary. They also reveal Hillary wanted to keep records for the purpose of getting “revenge.” The diary reveals that Hillary is indeed a calculating, dishonest politician looking out for her interests above all else.


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Republican Wins San Diego Mayors Race, And It Should Worry Democrats


Republican Kevin Faulconer defeated Democrat David Alvarez in the San Diego mayor’s race. The RNC worked with the California Republican Party to help them implement our new strategy of precinct-based organizing. We were able to provide them with a data-driven playbook for mobilizing low propensity voters, and for engaging with minority communities. As Chairman Priebus said, “If President Obama and Governor Brown can’t convince voters to support a Democrat in a large city in California, the Democrats’ prospects for November don’t look good.” The RNC will take the lessons learned from this victory and apply them on a national scale for the November midterms.


Read more at: “RNC Statement on Kevin Faulconer Victory in San Diego Mayoral Race” and “Why The San Diego Mayor’s Race Should Worry Democrats” and “RNC touts win in San Diego mayor’s race


RNC Continues To Out-Raise DNC


The RNC has thus far out-raised the DNC for the 2014 cycle. And in January, the RNC raised $7.8 million; the DNC raised $6.6 million. The RNC has $9.8 million in the bank and zero debt. The DNC’s debt increased in January to $15.9 million. It’s significant that the party out of power is easily besting the party with the White House. As Chairman Priebus said, “we’ve been able to continue making unprecedented investments in data and digital – as we continue to build our on-the-ground presence in communities across the country. We’re spending our money in a way that’s designed to help candidates up and down the ballot. We’re building a long-lasting infrastructure that will serve our party well in 2014 and into the future.”


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