March is Women’s History Month, which gives us all the opportunity to celebrate women’s contributions to our country throughout our history. The Republican Party played a leading role in securing women’s right to vote. When Susan B. Anthony defied the law and voted in 1872, she proudly voted the Republican ticket. She and other suffragists worked with her friend, Republican Senator A.A. Sargent, to introduce the 19th Amendment, and it took a Republican Congress to finally pass it in 1919.


Republican women have a history of being trailblazers, breaking ground and glass ceilings – from Margaret Chase Smith (the first woman to be elected to both the House and the Senate), to Sarah Palin (our 2008 vice-presidential nominee), to Susana Martinez of New Mexico (the nation’s first Latina governor), and Nikki Haley of South Carolina (the country’s youngest sitting governor). Republicans continue to offer a positive agenda for America’s women, as we work to create more job opportunities, lighten the tax burden, and reduce the cost of healthcare. Our policy goals are driven by the desire to do what’s best for women – not by scoring cynical political points.


Over and over President Obama told Americans that if they like their doctors, they could keep their doctors. Yet, in a WebMD interview last week, Obama said, “They might end up having to switch doctors.” This follows the administration’s earlier admission that Americans wouldn’t necessarily be able to keep insurance plans they liked. Once again, Democrats are admitting that ObamaCare was sold on a lie. They promised Americans who liked their plans and doctors that they wouldn’t lose them. Not only does the administration regularly and unilaterally re-write the law, they repeatedly take back their promises of what the law will and will not do. It’s more proof ObamaCare isn’t workable.


We’ve had a major dent put into our traditional values system last year, courtesy of the U. S. Supreme Court decision in Hollingsworth v. Perry (abrogating California’s Proposition 8). The resulting state-by-state lawsuits nationwide are directly targeted at the state constitutional amendments that were duly ratified by the voters, based on a perverted interpretation of the Due Process and Equal Protection clauses of the U. S. Constitution. One pending in Michigan (DeBoer v. Snyder) is notable because the federal judge, Bernard Friedman, actually encouraged the plaintiffs to pull their original adoption case and re-file a challenge to Michigan’s Marriage Amendment (Proposal 04-2, now Article I § 25 of the Michigan Constitution). His reasoning? He wants to know what rational government purpose is served by treating same-sex couples differently. For now, pray that our State Attorney General came up with a rational explanation that’s going to carry any weight with an activist judge who’s already overstepped his constitutional bounds.


“Because we have no government, armed with power, capable of contending with human passions, unbridled by morality and religion. … Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” (John Adams – 11 October 1798)

For Liberty,

Dave Agema

National Committeeman

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Noteworthy Articles

Michigan Statewide Grassroots PowWow IV


Michigan is leading the way in the nation in uniting the various major grassroots components to come together in a show of unity for freedom. This is a statewide conference of grassroots, TEA Party, and Campaign for Liberty leaders from around Michigan. The conference will include highlighted speakers, a 2014 candidate forum, and presentation of projects and issues. These conferences have continued to grow with each event. PowWow III was standing room only, and over 400 of the top grassroots, limited government, and liberty-minded activists are expected to attend this event.


To purchase tickets, follow this link.


It Was A Bad Week For Hillary Clinton


A series of bad headlines followed Clinton last week. On Monday and Tuesday, court documents linked Clinton aide Minyon Moore to an illegal shadow campaign on Clinton’s behalf. On Tuesday, the Clintons learned Bill’s endorsement wasn’t enough to secure a Democrat win in FL-13’s special election, and Ready for Hillary’s candidate in a NH Executive Council race lost. Ready for Hillary is creating tensions among Democrats expecting the group’s support in 2014. A Thursday poll showed Americans are skeptical about Hillary’s role in the Benghazi scandal. And on Friday a trove of new documents was released from the Clinton Library.


All of this is bad news for a candidate-in-waiting. It’s especially damaging in a single week. The Clinton’s went 0-2 in elections; the Clinton SuperPAC is stirring up controversy; and Americans aren’t sure whether they can trust the former Secretary of State.


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Who Withheld The Clinton Documents?


Today the Republican National Committee sent a request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to the National Archives and Records Administration in order to find out who was responsible for improperly withholding documents at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library for over a year. The lawful withholding period of the documents expired in January 2013, but no documents were released until February 2014. Many documents have yet to be released. As such, the RNC is requesting copies of any correspondence related to the review, consideration, or withholding of documents. Last week the Clinton Library announced that the next release of documents will be delayed, making it even more important to keep a watchful eye on their actions and for any political pressure that’s affecting their behavior.


As Chairman Priebus said, “The Clintons have a history of trying to keep their past secret from the American people. Americans deserve to know who was responsible for keeping on lockdown documents that should have been released over a year ago.” The Clintons are being anything but transparent and honest.


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Hillary, How’s The Reset Going?


Five years ago, Hillary Clinton and President Obama pledged to “press the reset button” with Russia. Today, relations are strained and Russia is acting with increasing disregard toward the United States. Clinton and the entire administration dismissed concerns about Russia as recently as two years ago. The failed Russia reset will plague Hillary Clinton’s future. Clearly it was a failed “reset.” She and the Obama administration have bungled the relationship and diminished America’s role in the world and the world’s respect for America.


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Florida 13 Results Are Bad News For Senate Democrats


On Tuesday, Republican David Jolly won the special election in Florida’s 13th District, running against ObamaCare. Democrats expected to win the race and were caught off guard by the defeat of a pro-ObamaCare candidate. The RNC, working alongside the campaign, NRCC, and state party, supported the effort with new data tools and its new precinct-based field operation.


Democrats should be worried. An anti-ObamaCare candidate won over a district that President Obama won twice. Democrat Alex Sink never even voted for ObamaCare, meaning Senate candidates this fall will have even more baggage when facing voters upset over ObamaCare. This was a promising test of the RNC’s new data and organizing capabilities, which are in use across the country.


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White House Delays ObamaCare Again To Protect Dems


Two weeks ago, the White House announced yet another unilateral delay to ObamaCare – this time allowing insurance companies to continue selling plans that previously would have been canceled through 2016. This latest delay is clearly just another attempt by the White House to save Democrat seats in Congress. The White House over and over said that it was wrong for Republicans to try to delay or modify or repeal ObamaCare by legislation. But when it suits their political interests, they’re happy to delay and modify it unilaterally. It’s hypocritical and wrong – and shows just how flawed this law is. A good law wouldn’t have to be delayed.


Read more at: “The Obama Administration Is Set To Roll Back Another ObamaCare Rule


President Puts Democrats’ Jobs Above Americans’ Jobs


Last week the president released his fiscal year 2015 budget proposal. He wants to increase spending by $56 billion. He also removed the “Chained CPI” proposal from the budget, which the White House previously said was a “good faith” step toward meaningful Social Security Reform. This budget is all politics. If President Obama were serious about job creation, he’d get the debt under control instead of bowing to left-wing pressure for more government programs. He’s also clearly not serious about saving Social Security for the next generation. That’s not fair to young Americans who are paying into it and are unsure if they’ll ever receive it.


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Harry Reid Is A Hypocrite


Harry Reid has been taking to the Senate floor lately to deliver campaign-style speeches. He attacks the Koch brother’s political contributions – even as fellow Democrats like Mary Landrieu accept donations from them. At the same time, he allowed Democrats to take the floor in a climate change talk-a-thon to curry favor with billionaire Tom Steyer, who recently pledged to spend up to $100 million on Democrats in the midterms. Harry Reid’s hypocrisy knows no bounds, and his obsession with the Koch brothers just shows that Senate Democrats have absolutely no issues to run on in the 2014 campaign. This desperate strategy (or lack thereof) is backfiring though: Harry Reid is in effect attacking his fellow Democrats who accept money from the Kochs. And he rented out the Senate chamber just to please billionaire Tom Steyer.


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