“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas A. Edison


George Orwell had it right: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is revolutionary.” The efforts of liberal Hollywood, a liberal press, and liberal academia have rendered truth as some type of phobia. Honest discourse (freedom of speech) is no longer allowed, and weak-kneed politicians fold under the fear of being ridiculed for standing on principle. Pick your candidates wisely. Integrity means doing the right thing even when it hurts you personally – few posses this quality. We need more men and women that possess it.


Elections are primarily won on emotions, not reason. Personally I am moved by facts; however, the low information voter that the democrats appeal to, votes on the emotions of hope and fear, with fear being the stronger. Obama won his first election on “hope and change,” his second on fear. Fear that the Republicans were waging war on women, not caring about minorities, and inflicting pain on the working class – all a lie, but effective.


We are in a place that should place fear into every voter concerning the democrat leadership, loss of freedoms, and mandated healthcare that costs more. Medicare hurts the elderly most under ObamaCare. The youth are forced to buy what they don’t want or need. More people have gotten on to Medicaid (poor people’s health insurance) than ObamaCare, and we all pay for that. Medicaid patients will have their assets taken from their estate when they die – a back door tax increase on the poor. Illegal aliens are taking jobs from US citizens but, are excluded from paying for ObamaCare. Democrats want our guns. The fear of the IRS, NSA, Benghazi, Czars, a weakened military during a time of increased terrorism, the fear of out-of-control federal spending leading to inflation and loss of buying power – all these should be used on the offensive. Even other nations view us as weak and indecisive.


We must ask the question to voters, “Can you say well done Obama and democrats? Of course not! Everything he’s done has hurt our future, our kids and international favor.” USE FEAR – IT WORKS! We must learn to tell the truth better than the democrats tell a lie, and we must start NOW on the offensive, not continually reacting after they have defined their issues. NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN TO COME TO THE AID OF THEIR COUNTRY!


To be gone from your family and friends is extremely difficult. I spent a year away from my kids, wife, and parents. Thank a soldier today. Too many die and too few care.


For Liberty,

Dave Agema

National Committeeman

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Noteworthy Information & Articles

Hitler finds out he can’t keep his doctor under ObamaCare


It’s a nicely done parody of a scene from “Downfall” (Der Untergang) – a scene that’s frequently parodied, actually – in which Hitler learns that he can’t keep his doctor because that doctor isn’t in the network for his new ObamaCare-compliant health insurance.

Minimum Wage redux


Raising the minimum wage won’t do anything for those without jobs, especially women and minorities. So yes Democrats, jobs are a women’s issue. President Obama and the Democrats’ inability to tackle our economic problems is an issue for millions of Americans. The reality is that under Obama’s watch, life for women has gotten harder as we face higher levels of poverty and lower incomes while ObamaCare continues to hold back economic growth. With their populist plan fizzling and the headlines being what they are, this is nothing more than the Democrats being desperate to change the subject.


Read more at: “Obama’s populist pitch fizzles” and “Misleading Paycheck Fairness Act


Another Unilateral Delay Of ObamaCare Undermines Dems’ Credibility


This week the Obama Administration issued yet another unilateral delay of ObamaCare, giving people till mid-April to sign up for coverage on the exchange, past the original March 31 deadline. Applicants are told they had to have begun the process before the deadline, a requirement that will be enforced by the “honor system.”


The more Obama delays ObamaCare, the more he shows (a) that he has little respect for the rule of law and (b) that Democrats’ signature policy is completely flawed and disastrously implemented. If Democrats can’t follow their own law as written, how can they convince Americans it’s a good law – especially when families are hurting from higher costs, smaller paycheck, less coverage, and fewer options.


Read more at: “A Deadline Not Set In Stone” and “Delays Of Our Lives” and “No Fooling: ObamaCare Is Still A Disaster” and “RNC Challenges White House To Answer Enrollment Questions


Democrats’ Week Filled With Corruption, Gun-Trafficking, and Arrests


Democrats made headlines coast-to-coast two weeks ago as leaders were arrested, charged with corruption, caught accepting bribe money, or involved in arms trafficking schemes. Charlotte’s Mayor Patrick Cannon was arrested on federal public corruption charges. In California, State Sen. Leland Yee was arrested on corruption charges for arms trafficking. Pennsylvania State Sen. Leanna Washington is headed to trial for using taxpayer resources for political purposes. And federal agents raided the office of a New York assemblyman. Of course, most media coverage failed to mention they were Democrats.


Democrats often get a pass in the media when caught behaving badly – either because the story is ignored or because their party affiliation is omitted. Regardless, the Democrat brand took a hit two weeks ago as the party got wrapped up in corruption, arms trafficking, and other illegal activities.


Read more at: “Democrats’ March Legal Madness


Bad Economy Could Hurt Democrats In November


Democrats are already polling poorly for the November midterms; the latest jobs report could make polls worse for them. The sluggish economy will certainly be an issue, and with President Obama in the White House, Democrats will be held responsible for the state of the economy. The slow job creation can no longer be blamed on winter weather. If job creation does not pick up, Democrats will have to answer for high unemployment in November.


Republicans are the only party trying to advance the sorts of policies that could speed up job creation; Democrats are standing in the way. Republicans will absolutely make the case that Democrats’ policies are still hurting the economy, namely ObamaCare, and current trends suggest that the economy will be a losing issue for Democrats come November.


Read more at: “Democrats’ March Misery


Democrats Are Panicked About ObamaCare


Last week the White House tried to celebrate ObamaCare after sign up numbers were released, but most Democrats running in November didn’t join in – especially Senate candidates running in “red” and “purple” states. ObamaCare is still unpopular (the latest Quinnipiac poll shows voters oppose it 55-41), and even the White House has admitted they think it will stay unpopular.


Democrats who voted for ObamaCare are now running from ObamaCare. They know that their only hope for winning is to pray voters forget Democrats are solely responsible for the unpopular law. Since their votes paved the way for the problems coming down the pike – insurance premiums are expected to spike and Medicare Advantage recipients are facing rate hikes – that probably won’t happen. And since opinions on ObamaCare aren’t likely to improve for Democrats, their prospects for November look increasingly bleak. Only Republicans have advocated for pursuing real reform that empowers patients over bureaucrats.


Read more at: “Democrat Panic Unabated


Democrats Already Blaming Each Other For 2014 Losses


With Democrats resigned to the fact that 2014 will not be a good year for them, the party is already engaged in a circular firing squad. DailyKos is attacking moderates. Third Way is angry at progressives like Elizabeth Warren and Bill de Blasio. Some are saying that the minimum wage push is dangerous. Others are saying the progressive wing and centrists are ripping the party in half. They’re worried about losing moderates and independents. And of course, everyone’s pointing fingers about ObamaCare. Congressional candidates aren’t happy with the White House; Senators are even complaining to the White House that OFA isn’t running ads to help them.


The Democrat Party is fracturing, which is likely to make 2014 even worse for them. And when 2014 goes badly, those divisions will be further exacerbated, spilling over in 2016 contests. Democrats are falling apart for a simple reason: their policies aren’t working and are unpopular. They have nothing to run on because they have no record of success. Conceding defeat, they’re all attempting to cast the blame elsewhere.


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