I recently returned from the RNC meeting in Memphis, Tennessee. Several resolutions and major rule changes were passed.

The rule change has some good, and some things I’m not particularly crazy about. The best part is there will be 8 debates and that we will control who the moderators are, not the liberal news media – that’s good. A recent poll showed that only 7% of the media is conservative, which means we seldom get a fair shake. No more 23 debates with liberal moderators like last time.

There was debate in the rules committee and once again in the general session concerning whether we should treat presidential candidates like teenagers and tell them when and where they can and cannot participate in debates. Under the new rule, if a candidate participates in a debate outside the authorization of the RNC, he will be barred from further sanctioned debates (not the reduction of delegates that was proposed previously). The problem was in determining what a sanctioned debate would look like and what constituted a non-sanctioned debate. So, in typical fashion, the new rule forms a committee, of which 5 members are chosen by Chairman Priebus and each of four regions will select two members (one female and one male) from the region. The committee will have the authority to sanction debates for the RNC and impose the penalty of removing a candidate if he/she deviates from the sanctioned debates on their own. The question then became: what would a non-sanctioned debate, resulting in punishment, look like? This now resides in the hands of the committee. They decide. This has the possibility of working against non preferred candidates by the GOP if future chairmen are not honest, and was vigorously opposed by Morton Blackwell. The question became: do we just let things go the way they are, or take control of the debate process for the betterment of our party and candidates?

Several presidential candidates were asked to see what they thought, and all agreed they liked the plan. They liked fewer debates with our moderators on our terms, not ABC, CBS, MSNBC, etc. with their moderators. The rule was passed. However, I would have preferred adding the amendments explaining what a non-sanctioned debate looks like and limiting how many members the chairman can select. Those amendments were proposed, and I voted for them. However, the rest of the Michigan contingent didn’t, and voted against the amendments. The amendments were defeated. We all voted for the main rule following the debate because it puts the party in control, not the liberals.

The resolutions passed were the following:

Resolution protecting Americas farming and ranching.
Resolution on pain-capable unborn child protection laws – reaffirming our core principle of sanctity of life – and banning all abortions at 20 weeks (we want them all stopped but this has been effective in other states to get there).
Resolution against Harry Reid using taxpayer funds for partisan attacks.
Resolution on Christian persecution. Over 70 million Christians have been killed since the time of Christ, but over half of these have been in the 20th century. Christians are being singled out in Burma, China, Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Libya, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, and Zanzibar.
Resolution in support of parental school choice programs and education reform.

On a side note, please remember that Obamacare disrupted 82% of the people for the 18% that didn’t have insurance. It would have been easier to simply deal with the 18%. We are also educating people where there are no jobs and no money – why?

Marco Rubio spoke at one of our dinners, and reaffirmed what I have been saying for so long – hard work, morals, and values taught by two parents – a mother and a father – are the determining factor in success of our children. The family breakdown causes poverty, and our programs should encourage families and marriage, not the other way around. There is a definite progressive movement to destroy the family unit, through government benefits that favor single parents.

In America the son of a bartender and maid can be just as successful as the rich by hard work and education (Rubio was an example). The opportunity is here. The problem becomes accentuated when people look at the government as their god and provider. We don’t want to leave this country worse off for our posterity. For this reason we must win elections to lead. Certainly things are NOT better under Obama and the democrat rule. Let us be united in getting the right (literally) people elected the first time, with integrity, who will do what is good and right in spite of the persecution by the left.

Last note – in the original Webster’s dictionary, which our forefathers knew well, they said we have certain inalienable rights … The definition of inalienable were those rights that were not repugnant to God (most were Christians and understood what that meant). How things have changed!

For Liberty,

Dave Agema
National Committeeman


Noteworthy Information & Articles

New Report Confirms ObamaCare Rate Shock On Horizon

A new study from Avalere, a healthcare analysis leader, finds that some states could see “double digit” increases in ObamaCare health insurance premiums. When Democrats tried to sell ObamaCare to the American people, they promised that premiums would go down by $2,500. That promise turns out not be true – just like the promises that Americans would be able to keep their plans and their doctors.

ObamaCare has caused millions of families a great deal of stress and frustration and money. They’ve lost doctors; they’ve lost plans; they’ve lost money. ObamaCare was sold on a series of lies, and Americans are paying the price. This is why ObamaCare remains a top issue in the 2014 election, and why Republicans will continue to push for reforms that actually improve healthcare, unlike ObamaCare.

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RNC Votes To Give Grassroots Republicans Greater Voice In Presidential Primary Debates

This week the RNC took the first steps toward ensuring our grassroots supporters are able to take control the GOP presidential primary debate process. The RNC will create a standing committee of the RNC that is responsible for outlining the timing, location and media partners for the debates. A priority is getting conservative journalists being more involved in the process for the 2016 primary debate calendar. The RNC also created penalties to dissuade candidates from participating in non-sanctioned debates: any candidate taking part in a non-sanctioned RNC debate will not be able to participate in future sanctioned debates.

Rule Language:

There shall be a Standing Committee on Presidential Primary Debates, which shall be composed of thirteen (13) members of the Republican National Committee, five (5) of whom shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, and each of the four (4) regions shall elect two (2) members, one man and one woman, at its regional caucus at the RNC Summer Meeting in each even-numbered year in which no Presidential election is held. The chairman of the Republican National Committee shall appoint the chairman of the Standing Committee on Presidential Primary Debates from among the members thereof. The Standing Committee on Presidential Primary Debates shall have the authority to sanction debates on behalf of the Republican National Committee based on input from presidential campaigns and criteria which may include but are not limited to considerations of timing, frequency, format, media outlet, and the best interest of the Republican Party. Each debate sanctioned by the Standing Committee on Presidential Primary Debates shall be known as a “Sanctioned Debate.” Any presidential candidate who participates in any debate that is not a Sanctioned Debate shall not be eligible to participate in any further Sanctioned Debates.

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Obama Bows To Left-Wing Extremists And Delays Keystone

On Friday, the Obama administration delayed making a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline yet again. Major left-wing donors like Tom Steyer, who recently promised to support Democrats this cycle, oppose the pipeline, even though it would provide affordable energy and thousands of jobs. Journalists and editorial boards panned the decision, noting, as CNBC’s John Harwood did that the delay is “100 percent politics.” Labor unions are outraged that the president is blocking an opportunity to create jobs.

President Obama doesn’t care about job creation. He cares about pleasing the radical left-wing environmentalists who bankroll his party and comprise his base. There’s no excuse left for delaying Keystone: it creates jobs; it provides a secure energy source; it’s safe. Labor unions are right to be upset that the president is selfishly denying people good jobs. Instead, he’s doing the bidding of left-wing mega donor Tom Steyer whose liberal policies will make energy more expensive and life harder for average Americans.

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Keystone and Tom Steyer Are a Conundrum for 2014ers

The majority of Americans support the Keystone Pipeline, but liberal billionaire and Democrat mega-donor Tom Steyer does not. That’s forcing Democrats running for Senate to choose between cash and their constituents. “Keystone Pipeline is ruining Mark Udall’s week,” reads one headline. Mary Landrieu wants Louisianans to think she’s “indispensable” to Keystone’s approval, but she failed to get Harry Reid to have a vote on it this week.

The Democrat Party has largely sold out to Tom Steyer and his left-wing activist agenda. The few Democrat Senators who pretend to support Keystone are powerless to get a pro-Keystone bill passed through the Senate. As long as Democrats hold the majority, Harry Reid will do the bidding of Tom Steyer. Approving the Keystone Pipeline requires a Republican Senate.

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DNC’s Inactions Speak Louder Than Words

Last week, the campaign of Democrat Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois, President Obama’s home state, took to Twitter to promote an article calling black Republicans race traitors and equivalent to Jewish Nazis. The DNC said nothing, nor did its chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a prominent Jewish leader. She also remained silent when a fellow Broward County Democrat woman, former State Senate Minority Leader Nan Rich, asked the Broward Democrats to support her call for a debate with Charlie Crist, who is also running for the Democrat nomination for governor. Wasserman Schultz did not support the female candidate.

As Communications Director Sean Spicer wrote in a memo this week, actions speak louder words. Or in the DNC’s case, inaction speaks louder than words. The DNC goes to great lengths to criticize and lecture others about the way they should behave on issues of racism and sexism. They talk a good talk – except when it comes to criticizing one of their own. If a Democrat marginalizes women or minorities, they show zero concern.

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Democrats Politicized Benghazi from the Beginning

As the newly-released emails reveal, the White House was concerned about hurting their reputation in the aftermath of the Benghazi attacks. When they were under investigation, the White House didn’t release all email communications, again indicating they were more concerned about their political standing. Now that Republicans are working to get the truth, Democrats are accusing Republicans of being the ones to play politics.

For Democrats and the White House, Benghazi has always been political. They politicized it with deceptive talking points. They politicized it by not being transparent. Now, they’ve politicized it by resorting to their stale old desperate attack of, “It’s Republicans’ fault!” Americans can’t trust an administration so obsessed with playing politics. That’s why Republicans will continue working to get the truth, regardless of Democrats’ political attacks.

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As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton Refused To Designate Boko Haram As A Terrorist Organization

As the world has been following the devastating news of the mass kidnapping of 200 Nigerian girls, a new report is out that reveals Hillary Clinton’s State Department refused to designate al Qaeda-linked Boko Haram as a terrorist organization – despite pressure from the FBI, CIA, and Justice Department. Designating Boko Haram as a terrorist organization would’ve enhanced the U.S. government’s ability to confront the group, target its leaders, and respond to attacks.

It’s deeply disappointing that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refused to listen to calls to designate Boko Haram as a terrorist organization. A proactive decision by Clinton would have given our government additional tools in combating a terror organization that has abducted hundreds of innocent girls in Nigeria. The list of Hillary Clinton’s failures as Secretary of State grows, while her supporters struggle to find any accomplishments.

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What Did Hillary Accomplish At The State Department? Anything?

Ahead of her book release, people continue to examine Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments in her long tenure at the State Department. No one can seem to point to a single accomplishment. State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki couldn’t when asked earlier this week. The next day, Psaki’s so-called list of “accomplishments” for the Clinton-run initiative included rearranging a department. Countless reporters and media pundits can’t name an accomplishment. Even her own supporters are scratching their heads. In contrast, most people can remember Benghazi and the failed “Russian reset.”

This is going to be a big problem for Hillary Clinton. Not even her most ardent supporters can truthfully say she accomplished anything significant in her four years as America’s top diplomat. Her record at State is defined by failed initiatives and mismanagement. Far from being an asset, her record at State put her foreign policy credentials and leadership skills into question.

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Nothing’s Too Unethical For Harry Reid. It’s Time To #FireReid

Harry Reid is having a bad month. He was caught funneling campaign money to his relatives. (FEC reports revealed Harry Reid funneled $31,000 to his granddaughter’s jewelry company for what a spokesperson claimed was holiday gifts of “jewelry” and “knick knacks.”) His Senate Majority PAC was caught lying to voters. (The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler gave “four Pinocchios” to ads the PAC is running.) And he was caught hypocritically accepting money tied to people he calls “un-American.” (Harry Reid wastes his time on the Senate floor attacking Koch Industries, but Harry Reid’s own campaign has previously accepted donations from a Koch Industry lobbyist.)

As National Press Secretary Kirsten Kukowski recently wrote in a memo, there’s little doubt that Harry Reid is abusing his power as Majority Leader and resorting to desperate and deceitful measures to hold on to his position. And in so doing, he’s showing that he’s not fit to hold the position. From ObamaCare to the economy, Americans have plenty of reasons to vote Democrat Senators out of office this November, but Harry Reid’s abuse of his office gives them another one: firing Harry Reid from his position as Majority Leader.

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RNC Launches Victory 365 Ground Game Program

This week, the RNC is announcing the formal launch of Victory 365, a new permanent, data-driven, grassroots ground game that will run 365 days a year. Victory 365 is a partnership between local, state, and national Republicans to mobilize volunteers nationwide to engage with voters in their communities. The program will focus on sustained relationships through a precinct-based grassroots organizing structure to build long-term relationships.

Victory 365 will be supported by the RNC’s field staff and thousands of precinct captains and volunteers. In the last year, the RNC has hired 193 field staff, who have recruited over 14,000 precinct leaders nationwide to lead the Victory 365 effort. Minority engagement staff are also working with field staff to engage with voters in Hispanic, African American and Asian communities.

See more about GOP Victory 365 and watch recruitment videos at www.gopvictory365.com.

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