As I have mentioned before, the RNC passed my 5 Core Principles resolution with unanimity a little over a year ago at the national level. In short those were:

Our rights come from God, and it’s the government’s job to protect those rights.
We believe in traditional marriage
Legal immigration – not illegal immigration
The second amendment
The sanctity of life.

. . . all of these are in direct opposition to the democrat platform.

Another set of principles for our republic that most republicans can agree on are these:

Private enterprise is superior to government enterprise.
There is a need for efficiency and economy in our government.
Government is best when it’s kept at the local level, and state sovereignty must not be infringed.
A favorable tax climate is best for a prosperous economy and abundant jobs.

To be effective we must use social media to further these objectives. Politicians understand voter numbers, and they need to hear from you when they stray off the reservation. We need to be writing letters to the newspapers and calling in to the radio stations to keep our base motivated and get our message out. Too many fear the liberal media, but we must be as aggressive as the left. Presently we are not. In the last election we were putting up yard signs while Obama was using social media. If we want to beat him, then we need to beat him at his own game.

Your freedom of speech is at risk, due to an aggressive left using Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals,” which emphasizes personal attacks in order to silence the voices of opponents. Many have fallen into this trap. Remember that the media is about 7% conservative, so expect to get attacked for speaking truth, but don’t stop. If you do, the ideological war is lost.

We need to mobilize our base, but we will not accomplish this by offending those that are the biggest part of our tent. When we go left, we lose our base, which is bigger than the few fringe elements we gain in return. Most every major society throughout history has experienced what we are now . . . just before their fall. We cannot expect differently unless we mobilize our political base, instead of offending them.

I have heard from Christian conservatives at Lincoln dinners and Tea Party groups that their values are not being represented. To them it seems that only people with money and power are represented, and some are wanting to bail out of the voting process. This is NOT the answer. Hold your elected officials’ feet to the fire, and vote people of integrity into office (who can’t be bought). We have primaries for a reason – use them to separate the dross from the silver. We’ll all be stronger for it and our base will stay our base.

There are many good people running for office. Ask them pertinent questions, but also check the voting records of those serving. Knowledge is power. Most are NOT knowledgeable of the people they are voting for, and use name recognition only (or “he seems like a nice guy”). You can change this by getting involved, not by bailing out. To win a battle, one must fight. To effectively fight, one must be trained. The state and national GOP have the tools to train, but the best tool is your own recognition that YOU must get involved to make things better. I got involved because I was sick of politicians that promised much while running, but changed once elected and became part of the machine that was a manufacturing plant for excessive taxes, fines, fees, regulations, and laws. I’m asking you to do the same. Keep on keeping on!

For Liberty,

Dave Agema
National Committeeman

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Noteworthy Information & Articles

Shinseki’s Resignation Is Not Enough; Obama’s Response To The VA Crisis Is Called “Pathetic” and “Sadly Ineffective”; Democrats Refuse To Take Action

On Friday, President Obama accepted VA Secretary Shinseki’s resignation, but that does not fix the problem – or explain why the Obama administration let the problems at the VA persist for years. The president’s staff has assured Americans that he is “mad as hell” about the VA scandal, but he has taken very little action on the issue, other than to give a short speech and appoint his own Deputy Chief of Staff to investigate. Journalists have even blasted the president’s response as “pathetic” (National Journal’s Ron Fournier) and “sadly ineffective” (Time’s Joe Klein).

Thousands of Veterans haven’t gotten the treatment they are owed, but rather languish on wait lists. Some were denied access to care – just so this administration could pretend they were reducing wait times. Many Veterans have died, but the President hasn’t actually held anyone accountable. Republicans worked to pass a bipartisan VA accountability bill in the house, but Harry Reid and Senate Democrats won’t consider it. The president hasn’t shown he’s serious, and it’s unclear whether he grasps the urgency of the issue.

Appointing a White House insider to “investigate” is just business as usual; it’s what the Obama Administration does when they want to sweep something under the rug. It’s past time for the Democrats and the administration to step up and actually fix the problem, and that’s true no matter who is in charge at the VA. The administration will surely try to pretend Shinseki’s resignation solves the problem. Our Veterans deserve better; people must be held accountable. Chairman Priebus has called for an independent investigation – one not run by Obama insiders.

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Hillary Clinton Is Still Trying To Rewrite History On Benghazi

Hillary Clinton continues to face criticism over the administration’s handling of Benghazi – before and after the attacks. So she released an excerpt from her memoir Friday trying to answer critics. She still claims a YouTube video was “a factor” in Benghazi, despite the fact that officials have concluded otherwise. She says Susan Rice just repeated intelligence, but recent emails reveal Rice repeated White House talking points. She touts the “Accountability Review Board,” even though the only “accountability” Clinton provided was firing four mid-level employees who were later reinstated.

Clinton claims she won’t be part of the politicization of Benghazi, but it was the administration who politicized it from the beginning, by pushing White House talking points. And she continues to politicize it, by mobilizing her political allies to her defense. What’s more, even as she writes about her “Hard Choices,” she still hasn’t explained why the State Department refused to answer Ambassador Stevens’s request for more security. For Clinton, it’s just as it’s always been: all politics all the time.

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The Obama Economy SHRUNK Last Quarter, Yet Democrats Launch War On Affordable Energy

The Bureau of Economic Analysis released revised GDP numbers for the first quarter of 2014 last week. The new numbers show GDP contracted by 1 percent in the first 3 months of 2014, the first time since 2011 that economic output contracted. Many economists had hoped 2014 would be a “breakout year for growth,” according to the Wall Street Journal. Instead, the economy got worse.

Nevertheless, this week President Obama is expected to roll out another wave of EPA regulations (that a recent study says would cost the economy 224,000 jobs and $51 billion EACH YEAR). By highly regulating power plants, the administration ensures that energy prices will rise – at a time when millions of families are struggling to pay the bills. These regulations come just days after we learned that the economy actually contracted in Q1 2014.

The Obama economy is stumbling. This is bad news for the American worker and families who are struggling to make ends meet. Yet Democrats continue to push more regulations on energy and stand by job-killing ObamaCare. It’s time for the Democrat-run Senate to take up the numerous jobs bills already passed by the Republican House and to approve the Keystone pipeline so we can get more people working and the economy growing again.

President Obama is waging a war on coal, which is a war on jobs. Americans need reliable, affordable energy. Democrats are more concerned about doing the bidding of liberal donor/activists like Tom Steyer. Democrats like Alison Lundergan Grimes, Jeanne Shaheen, Mary Landrieu, and others running in 2014 have failed to stop Obama’s EPA regulations, so we should expect voters to hold them accountable in November.

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Obama’s Foreign Policy Speech Widely Panned

President Obama delivered what was touted as a major foreign policy speech last week. It was widely criticized across the political spectrum, including by editorial boards of the country’s major newspapers. “President Obama misses a chance on foreign affairs,” said the New York Times. The speech “did not match the hype,” they said. The Washington Post says he is “bind[ing] America’s hands.”

President Obama’s foreign policy has been a failure and diminished America’s place in the world. After hyping this speech as a major address, he delivered a muddled worldview and attacked strawmen. He made no mention of the important issues that have faced his administration: the failed Russia “reset,” the pivot to Asia, the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, the red line in Syria. He continues to lead from behind.

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School Choice: Obama’s Failing Report Card

Three weekends ago, RNC Chairman Priebus marked the 60th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v. Board of Education with an op-ed on about school choice as the civil rights issue of our time. In the meantime, President Obama has a failing report card when it comes to school choice – trying to block Louisiana’s choice program, trying to end school choice in D.C., targeting schools that largely serve minority and disadvantaged families. And for what? His political allies at the teachers unions?

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