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Dave Agema is the Republican National Committeeman of the State of Michigan.  Mr. Agema is a Former MI State Representative, Retired Air Force Pilot [Lt. Col], and Retired Pilot for American Airlines [Senior Captain].  Dave He has two college degrees: BA – Economics and a MBA – Business Management.
PLEASE ADD FELLOW CONSERVATIVE AND PATRIOT WARRIOR GARY GLENN AND HIS FAMILY TO YOUR PRAYERS. Gary is facing some medical issues which he contacted Friends with  last month.

Also add Justice Scalia’s Family and the Future of our Supreme court. His passing is an incredible loss, and we must ensure his Legacy is not tainted by allowing Barack Obama to appoint yet another liberal justice. 

Remember the MI PRIMARY IS MARCH 8th
Also the deadline to File as a Precinct delegate and effect change in the party is May 3rd

                                       February 2016 RNC update                                                                                      BY: Lt. Col Dave Agema
The RNC first started in 1856 and from 1924-1952 was composed of only a Committeeman and Committeewomen from each state. After this period the various state chairs were added to bring the number of RNC members to 168. The State Chairpersons have their own meetings at each RNC meeting with The RNC Chair. I believe the committeeman and committeewoman are closer to the grassroots and not so dependent nor effected by money and their large donors concerning the direction of the party. Too much has already been determined by the time the rest of the committeemen and committeewoman arrive at our meetings and more and more power has been centralized in the hands of the RNC Chairman. There are too many followers and not enough leaders.

   I have seen how the system actually works, as opposed to how it should work, both at the state level and the national level. I feel led to help get fiscal, moral and constitutional officials elected that I know will represent those attributes and principles I have tried to uphold. However the Position of RNC Committeeman does not allow the Flexibility to do so; therefore, I will not seek another term as Michigan’s National Committeeman. I will perhaps seek other areas of political involvement in the future, either within the party, or as an elected official.

I would encourage others to run for this position who will stand on principles and not be part of the “good old boys club” that does what they are told instead of what they should.

   This position has often been held by people who have been involved for years in the GOP and/or given huge amounts of money to the party. As a reward they have been selected for this position. Few committeemen nor committeewomen have ever held a state or nationally elected position. Since I have, I have seen how the goal of getting any republican elected rather than true fiscal, moral and constitutional elected has hurt our brand and angered our grassroots as evidenced by who won the latest Iowa caucuses. It is true that elections are won with votes and money; however, it has become apparent to me that an oligarchy of wealthy individuals actually run the party.

   My wife and I have come back from these meetings feeling it was a nice party but little gets accomplished except by the will of the RNC Chair. Quite frankly, most were a waste of time and money. After much consideration, I feel my time and money can better be spent getting people elected I know will stand with principles and integrity. I will continue to serve until the end of my commitment. I refused to resign after over a year of unfounded attacks and failed censure attempts. I have never quit anything I have started, and certainly wasn’t about to cave to political correctness and falsehoods. I have served this country with 26 years of service in the military, three terms as a state representative ( voted the most conservative) and 4 years as your national committeeman. I have served my country and state, in my opinion, as a servant statesman.

As your committeeman I got the following passed at the RNC:

First, the 5 core principles of the GOP which differentiate us from the democrats.
  1. Our rights come from God and it’s the governments duty to protect those rights, not take them away.
  2. We support the second amendment- your right to bear arms.
  3. We believe in the sanctity of life, not abortion.
  4. We believe in legal immigration, not illegal immigration.
  5. We believe in marriage between one man and one woman.

   This passed with 100% unanimity.

   Secondly the resolution called Constituting America. This resolution encouraged schools to teach and test in greater degree Our Founding Documents, including The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, Magna Carta, Federalist Papers, Anti- Federalist Papers etc. Why? Many of our children do not know how our nation came to be and hence don’t appreciate our country as exceptional. This passed with 100 % unanimity.

   The resolution to teach a balanced Sex-Ed did NOT pass. This simply requested that schools that teach sex-ed and also teach homosexuality as an alternate lifestyle, teach the negative physical aspects of the lifestyle as reported by the CDC and several other sources. There was not support and backbone to pass this at a time when we should have stood our ground prior to the SCOTUS decision. Very disappointing!

   The last resolution was to encourage any Congressional Representative to place 48 articles of impeachment against  Barack Obama ( all supported with documentation ). Obama is the most impeachable president in history, even the vice chair of the DNC has so stated along with the media and even Congressman and Judge Napalitano. This would stop Obama from further abuse of power via executive orders, act as a deterrent for future presidents that might want to copy Obama’s abuse, implicate Hillary Clinton and several democrats as co- conspirators and allow public scrutiny of the many articles presented. This resolution,which many Representatives said they would support when they had the numbers necessary to pass in the House, has not been initiated even though there are now plenty of republicans to pass it out of the judiciary and the House. Many democrats in the Senate would be prevented from voting by being themselves implicated and public opinion would shift towards the GOP once they understood all Obama has done which rises to the level of treason and tyranny. It’s never too late to do the right thing. The problem is, most fear to do the right thing because of peer pressure and possible negative press/ political correctness. Some on the resolution committee never even read it prior to the meeting and I believe simply did what they were told- followers!

   It is my hope that another will follow who has the guts to stand when others wouldn’t and thereby represent the grassroots of our party in order to maintain our majority and keep the faith with our platform. It should not be a stepping stone for recognition for another position because this leads to a committeeman that does what he is told instead of what he should do in order to garner political support- YES MEN! Our platform is excellent; however, the people who are supposed to support and abide by it are causing a slide to the left leaving many disillusioned with the GOP. If this continues, I fear a third party might evolve giving the democrats the ruling hand for years to come. Remember almost 60 million evangelicals didn’t bother to vote in 2012- that’s our target market, not the left.

   I’d like to thank all my supporters and those that stood by me when I was falsely accused by so many in the media and the party. Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” are alive and well in our party and those that use them should be rooted out.
Lt. Col. Dave Agema
“Our constitution is only good for a moral and religious people and fully inadequate for any other” President Adams. What one generation tolerates becomes the norm the next.

         Immigration Debate     
                                                                                                                                                                            By: Dave Agema
   Listening to the republican debate on immigration, I find it amazing that so many do not understand that illegal immigration is a fiscal issue, a security issue, a moral issue, and a jobs issue. The idea of sealing the border will not work unless we first ensure there is no incentive for illegals to break the law in the first place. In order to do that we must make it impossible for illegals to get jobs ( E-Verify), deny them welfare and drivers licenses, and make it clear that those caught will not be allowed to remain in the United states.  Hoover, Eisenhower and Truman combined deported 15 million illegals. It is cheaper to do this than pay for their education, welfare, jails and human services.
From my experience in Korea which has two walls of fence and a no-go zone between the two, a wall alone will not work. They came under, over and around the fences. It slowed them down and some were shot, but didn’t stop those willing to attempt it. A wall is a part of the solution, but the above mentioned ideas must be used to dis-incentivize them from breaking our laws. The oath of office our elected officials take to defend the Constitution has been broken when they allow foreigners to enter this country illegally and seek to give them amnesty. Bush and Rubio have lost my vote on this issue alone.
   Cruz is correct on this issue. No country can long exist if they refuse to control their borders and enforce immigration laws. 
While I was a State Representative,  my E-Verify bill was squelched by liberal republicans who sought money from the Chamber of Commerce and the Farm Bureau. My ALAC ( American Laws for American Courts) was stopped by the same people who do not yet understand shariah Law and Islam. Too many are either ignorant of the threat, or paid to bury it by lobbyists, CAIR, or our own governor.
    We need new leadership and it won’t be found in the democrat presidential candidates and it won’t be found in liberal republicans holding positions in government. We need new leadership. People are sick of the good- old -boys club, that’s why the non- establishment candidates are ahead. Vote Biblically and vote wisely. Know how your elected officials have voted on key issues. Too many have not kept their promises, but yet want your vote again and hope you don’t remember their bad votes- and most were persuaded by money to vote against their promises. It’s a matter of integrity.

Islam vs America                                           Lt Col Dave Agema


                            (References From Sharia In America Jay Sekulow)
   The fundamental principle of our system of government is the principle of individual liberty. It was the idea that individuals could control their own destinies. Americans were not to be controlled by their rulers, but rather the rulers of the U.S. were to serve only with the consent of the governed.
   The principles of Shariah are wholly incompatible with our constitution, laws and legal traditions, since Islam/Shariah controls all aspects of their freedoms and lives with dualistic laws- one for them and much more stringent laws for non Muslims and women- to the point of slavery, death or mandated conversion, which is again incompatible with our constitution.
   According to Reynolds vs USA of 1878- it recognizes that citizens are free to subscribe to any religious belief, BUT that actions that emanate from religious belief and are deemed harmful to society may legitimately be restricted by the government. That would mean Islam/ Shariah law must be restricted.
   For example: a woman’s testimony is only worth half a man’s. A woman who is raped must have 4 righteous males testify they saw her raped OR she is guilty of infidelity, and may be stoned to death. When they stone her they pride themselves for acting righteously. We see the reports of the rape epidemic in Germany and other nations that have opened their borders.     Islamic culture allows young males to rape Non-muslim women, with the obvious evidence in front of us, how can we accept the argument of multi-culturalism, in relation to Shariah?
   Islam demands that Muslims adhere to their laws over any country’s laws they reside in; hence, our constitution is invalid and Sharia only is valid. It is considered superior to all other law and must replace all non- Islamic law either by acquiescence or compulsion.
   Our laws and constitution demands all men and women be treated equally. Islam doesn’t do this. Traditionally immigrants came to the US to assimilate and have learned to respect and abide by the laws of the land they live in- not so with many Muslims. Large Islamic groups have begun to establish large Muslim communities with the goal of implementing THEIR religious and political agenda. For example: Omar Ahmed, Chairman of the board of CAIR has said” Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith but to become dominate.”
   In Australia their Attorney General Robert McClelland said there is ” no place for Shariah Law in Australia.” Multiculturalism was being used to push Shariah law in Australia, just as it is in America and he stated ” if there is any inconsistency between cultural values and the rule of law, then Australian law wins out.” We should learn from their experience.
   The US has documented evidence that Islamic organizations like CAIR ( Council of American Islamic Telation), ISNA ( Islamic Society of North America), MSA ( Muslim Students Association), IMA ( Islamic Medical Association), NAIT ( North American Islamic Trust), MYNA ( Muslim Youth of North America), MAYA ( Muslim Arab Youth Association), OLF ( Occupied Land Fund), etc., have been actively working throughout North America to impose Shariah for the past 25 years. ( Shariah in America by J. Sekulow). ” It is becoming apparent that we have been too concerned about the identity of new arrivals and not enough about the identity of the country receiving them”- French President Nicolas Sarkozy said. We should learn from their mistakes that where Obama is taking us will have similar results contrary to our country and constitutional law.
Even the Governor of Michigan has stood on the steps of the Capitol and spoke of the goodness of CAIR and spoke at an ISNA dinner either out of ignorance or for money and votes. Either way Michigan loses its identity and security when terrorist funding agencies and those seeking our demise are held up as legitimate.
   A memo written by Mohamed Akram (leader of the Brotherhood’s Shura Council) stated the plan was to settle in North America and extend Islam. He stated it was the grand mission as Civilization Jihadists as soldiers to engage in Holy war designed to convert or destroy unbelievers. He called for the construction of more Mosques, Islamic centers , Islamic organizations and schools to propagate their mission to prepare the the way for absolute submission of America to Islam. He also stated is was their duty to destroy western civilization. To do so, he wanted an Islamic center in every city in America.
   Even Sheik Gilani who leads the ” Muslims of America” is dedicated to training terrorists in the USA for Islamic Jihad and thought to be responsible for the World Trade Center bombing.
All these groups ultimate goal is to destroy Western society by establishing an Islamic theocracy using Shariah law. The wolves are among us in sheeps clothing and most of our elected officials are oblivious to the threat via ignorance or desire for donations or votes. ALAC ( American Laws for American Courts) should have been passed long ago in Michigan; however, our present and past senate leader said there was no need. They are dead wrong.
   So what is Sharia? It’s partially a religion but more a legal system, code of law, social norms, political goals and economic rules. It encompasses all aspects of life -crimes, punishments and limits liberty and seeks to enforce Sharia against every person, Muslims and linfidels.

Islam is composed of the Quran ( about 16%), the Sunna which in turn is composed of the Hadith (handed down tradition of what Mohammed said and did and varies greatly) and the Sira ( the handed down biography of Mohammed who could not read or write).

   The Sunni hold to the writings of Bukhari and Muslim in what they gathered and wrote down about Mohammed. This is about 85% of all Muslims. The Shia ( like Iran) don’t hold to Bukhari and Muslim, but rather to the Ja’fari school of thought which is much more aggressive. So one can see that Islam has been divided since infancy and still is, hence they war among eachother.
   What is a Mosque? It is a public forum, a military training ground and a place of common worship. It’s leader, or imam, is also the commander in chief of the army of the ” faithful”. There is no distinction between religion and the state-they are one and the same. So under the U.S. constitution, religion is protected from governmental control, but under Shariah this protection is obliterated.
   To put it another way, U.S. law is limited to the U.S. and is not enforced in other countries even if the dispute involves a US citizen. Shariah claims to be universal where ever the Muslim is and demands to be enforced worldwide. This leads them to their idea of the “ummah”- that all Muslims are the global Islamic community. Thus, Sharia travels with the Muslim where ever he goes and supersedes any other country’s laws.
   The world is even divided into two groups: dar-al-Islam ( all territories controlled by Muslims) and dar-al-barb ( territories of war like the US not yet conquered by Muslims). Enemies at the United Nations I.e. the 56 Islamic States have agreed to defend Islam’s universality and have made it mandatory for Muslims everywhere to safeguard the entire ummah and it means they are in a state of permanent war against the rest of the world. Therefore, under Sharia, allegiance by a devout Muslim to a non- Sharia nation-state is impossible.
   To become a citizen of the USA, a Muslim would have to entirely renounce all allegiance to the Islamic state, or lie using Taqiyya to say he has committed to the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The oath of office directly conflicts with Islam’s claim to supremacy. Both Hassan (Ft Hood) and Shahzad (attempted to detonate a bomb in Times Square) lied and used Taqiyya. It’s the only religion I know that encourages lying and many believe their lies.
   You can’t talk critically about Islam ( loss of freedom of speech) and you can’t leave Islam or be killed ( loss of freedom of religion).
Our constitution states “all men are created equal.” Islam and Sharia are dualistic with special rights for Muslims only, but not their women. The Quran equates non- Muslims to cattle, goats, dogs and donkeys etc. to be abused at will. The OIC has made it a criminal offense to leave Islam with a penalty of up to death. ( no freedom of religion).
   So why do people stay in Islam. The answer is fear of leaving. In Great Britain a survey of Muslim students stated that 36% said leaving Islam should be punished by death. Sharia also states that the killer of an apostate should be rewarded and that is what some of their zakat (their equivalent of a church tithe) goes for this purpose.
   The Bill of rights yields protection from cruel and unusual punishment. Sharia uses cruel and unusual punishment.

   The OIC 56 members at the UN via the Cairo Declaration endorsed rights for Muslims only, not all people. We can expect more human rights abuses by Islamic countries. To allow refugees from Islamic countries that can not be adequate vetted, is allowing civilization Jihad in America.


The Michigan Presidential Primary is March 8th
  Also watch the MI Presidential Debate March 3rd
   I have given updates on the debates in my past few newsletters.  After the last debate, and the various Forums and Town Halls, It has become clear that Only one Candidate stands out as the Consistent Constitutional Christian Conservative.
I am committing to standing with Ted Cruz for President. Ted has shown a Consistent record in theSenate, and has a Lifelong record of standing forVeteransReligious Liberty, Life, Marriage, theSecond Amendment, and the entire Constitution.
He has shown a willingness to stand against hisown party, even under pressure.
   I Proudly Join fellow “Cruz Commanders” and Endorse Ted Cruz For President.
                                                  Lt. Col Dave Agema
Mojave Desert Memorial Cross
Mojave Desert Memorial Cross
Mojave Desert Memorial Cros

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Gun Control for Dummies
Part Time Legislature
Part Time Legislature
Lt. Gen Jerry Boykin at Traverse City Game Dinner
Lt. Gen Jerry Boykin at Traverse City Game Dinner
  It’s now being reported that Ted Cruz walked out of an IDC meeting where he was speaking in 2014. It’s true, but according to my source from a high ranking General, that group is anti- Semitic and supports Palestinian terrorists. Now doesn’t that change the perspective! I agree with Cruz AND he was right to leave for booing his support of Israel.

Guest Commentary 

 GOP lawmakers introduce       Constitutional carry bills 

   Legislation removes requirement for government permit.  Legislation enabling law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons for self-protection without possessing a government-issued permit to do so was introduced today by four House Republicans.
   House Bills 5301-5304 were introduced by state Reps. Tom Barrett, R-Potterville; Lee Chatfield, R-Levering;Triston Cole, R-Mancelona; and Jim Runestad, R-White Lake.
   The bill sponsors say the legislation allows more freedom for responsible citizens who want to carry a concealed weapon for self-defense. Penalties for the unlawful possession of a firearm will remain in place, and people who are currently not legally allowed to carry a firearm will not legally be able to carry a concealed weapon.


Part Time Legislature
   When I first became a legislator in 2007 I thought I would be dealing with smart people of integrity. What I found instead was politicians who had money backing them, voting on things they knew little about, and spending entirely too much of your and my money.
   Most states do not have a full time legislature. I authored bills to make it a part time legislature that were never taken up because to most, it is the best job they’ve ever had, and they they’ll do anything to keep it, including selling their votes.
   They then use that money for slick advertising with few people actually checking their voting records. A full time legislature simply spends too much, taxes too much, legislates too much, and creates a never ending slew of regulation
   Our forefathers intended people to have regular jobs for their support, do their duty and go home, and thereby be more accountable to their constituents and communities.
Please go to: and donate to the part time legislature fund. When ever you see your gas tax increase, remember who gave it to you after you voted NO! Let’s make it happen this time. If it gets on the ballot, it wins and we win!
Green Stripes
Dave Agema
Dave Agema RNC Committeeman