May 2013

May 30, 2013

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After his speech last week, Obama still has questions to answer: Is it still his administration’s goal to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al Qaeda? Is it his view that if the U.S. is less aggressive in eliminating terrorists abroad, the threat of terrorist attacks will diminish on its own? If his goal is to end the war on terror, what’s his overarching strategy to win it? Has he certified that nations who will receive inmates from Guantanamo are capable of preventing them from returning to combat?
President Obama publicly maligned conservative and Tea Party groups for years (actually using the “tea baggers” line at least once over a live microphone). Vice President Biden reportedly compared Tea Party supporters to “terrorists.” It should be no surprise that the IRS went after groups the president has attacked, because the executive defines the culture. Since the IRS’s Lois Lerner followed her opening statements by promptly “pleading the fifth” – and now refuses to resign – Americans understandably have more questions than before. What other words were used to target organizations? Were taxpayers audited as a result of their political donations? How much did White House and Treasury officials communicate with the IRS? Until we get answers, we have to keep asking.
Now we learn that Secretary Sebelius has been fundraising from private companies that HHS will regulate (apparently to finance the implementation of the federal healthcare exchange), but she won’t say which ones. Republicans are working to find out, because the lack of accountability and the conflicts of interest are unacceptable. And this week the Energy and Commerce Committee sent letters to 15 insurance companies to find out if Sebelius solicited funds from them.
Small businesses are already bound in new […]

May 13, 2013

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This past weekend Michigan GOP leaders met in Boyne Mountain, where presentations were given on messaging, technology, Election Day operations, campaign finance, ground game, and the Growth and Opportunity Project. The democrats have opened the door in many areas for us to take advantage. Specifically, in Michigan we had 400,000 sportsmen, 4,200 Vets, and 248,000 conservatives that did not vote in the last election – we need to reach out to them.
There are a lot of statistics that clearly show that the U.S economy is unhealthy, and we should expose this. I believe that President Obama is masterminding an economic collapse, with the intention that people will forever depend on government for their future. For example:

¬†In Obama’s first term he racked up more debt than all the presidents from George Washington through Bill Clinton . . . combined (and is on pace to rack up more debt than all of his predecessors, combined, before next year’s mid-term elections). The national debt increased by over 50% from where it was when George Bush left office, and now exceeds the entire output of the U. S. economy (the G.D.P.). Under Obama, the national debt grew, in one day, more than the entire federal deficit for all of 2007.
¬†According to economist John Williams of Shadow Stats, if you factor in long-term discouraged workers and those that could only find part time work, the real unemployment rate is currently about 20%. Over 100 million working -age Americans don’t have jobs (this means more dependency on government; therefore, dependent on Obama).
According to the census bureau, household income dropped $4,000 during Obama’s first 4 years in office. Currently, almost half of all Americans don’t have even $500 in savings.
Under Obama, only […]