July 2013

July 22, 2013

By |July 22nd, 2013|

The attention on immigration reform has now turned to the House, where Republicans recognize there is a need for reform and also believe that real, lasting reform cannot be rushed.  In a GOP conference meeting last week, Republican leaders expressed the importance of working toward a real solution.  House Republicans recognize that our immigration system is broken, and have already worked on separate bills to address some of the pressing needs.  They will now take up the task of crafting a reform plan of their own.


Student loan rates doubled this month, and grads have the Democrats to blame.  Stafford student loan rates doubled on July 1 because Senate Democrats and the President failed to act.  House Republicans did everything they could to fix the problem, and passed a relief package in May that was partly based on an idea from the President himself.  Republicans in Congress remain committed to a bipartisan solution, yet Democrats drug their feet and played politics, opposing the President’s own plan, and blocking any chance of any other plan passing.  It’s time for Harry Reid to stop playing games and to start working with Republicans to provide relief to students.

These ARE the times that try men’s souls.  Now we find that the IRS Chief Wilkins held up 2,900 Tea Party-type applications prior to the 2012 election, so they couldn’t raise money against Obama.  In addition, Obama signed yet another executive order (more abuse) requiring mandatory HIV testing under ObamaCare for ages 15-65.  Survivors of Benghazi were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements.  Folks, more than ever we need people willing to take a stand against any and all tyranny.  We are being over-regulated and taxed at every juncture.  Obama has and is […]

July 08, 2013

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In my last newsletter, I said that the nine-week summer recess isn’t a “vacation” for the state legislators, contrary to what a certain elected state executive wants the public to think, but rather an in-district work session to give the legislators of both chambers and both parties an opportunity to “get away from Lansing” and speak directly with their constituents and get their opinions on various matters.  I applaud the 20 or so state senators who had the sense to force the Medicaid Expansion bill (2013-HB-4714) into committee for the summer.  There are better options (such as 2013-SB-0422) that don’t expose our state to an out-of-control federal government, and those options ought to receive fair consideration.  Given the train wreck that ObamaCare is likely to become, a little policy disconnect from DC is probably a good thing.


The June 2013 Jobs Report (http://bls.gov/news.release/empsit.nr0.htm), released last Friday, isn’t being trumpeted much by the White House.  The unemployment rate (7.6%) has remained largely unchanged from February, though there was a net gain of 195,000 non-farm payroll jobs.  And for a few people, that’s good news.  But to put the report in its true light, it helps to understand what the “Official Unemployment Rate” and the “Real Unemployment Rate” each measure:


The American Labor Force consists of all citizens and residents aged 16 or older, who are neither institutionalized (such as imprisoned or in a nursing home) nor serving on active duty in the armed forces, and either have a job, are looking for a job, or would accept a job if it were offered.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “full-time employment” is defined as 35+ hours per week.


The “Official Unemployment Rate” (the U-3 Rate) is the proportion […]