September 09, 2013

By |September 9th, 2013|


One of the biggest and growing expenses to taxpayers is entitlement programs.  Entitlements (I hate the term) are taking the biggest share of our Federal and State budgets.  Politicians use these to garner votes.  Socialist countries have bankrupted themselves because they couldn’t say no.  They have bred an attitude that their citizens deserve something they didn’t earn from another’s labor.  Truly we are no different.  President Obama has pushed his socialist “hope and change” agenda in such a rapid fashion that our country is falling into a fiscal abyss from which we can never recover.  Our dollar has lost its value.  Our debt has doubled (perhaps tripled).  Our middle class is disappearing due to businesses limiting workers to 30 hours to avoid the ramifications of ObamaCare.  They fear expanding over 50 employees which, in turn, stifles growth.  Our unemployment is unchanged in the August Jobs Report, but the actual number, when you include those that have stopped looking or termed out of unemployment benefits, is closer to 14% (13.6% unadjusted, 13.7% after seasonal adjustment).  Our federal government tries to centralize control of an economy when they can’t even control themselves and their own expenditures.


Socialism always fails because it’s an artificial stimulus that the laws of economics do not support in a real economy.  Socialist politicians always promise much, deliver little, and always at a greater cost.  I never thought I’d say we are becoming what we used to fight against, but we are!


Your Republican National Committee has reaffirmed our platform (yes we have one) that opposes much of what Obama and his democrat platform supports.  But what good is this if the states disregard the platform and fall in line with the left’s agenda?  We […]