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June 5, 2014 Newsletter

By |July 1st, 2014|

As I have mentioned before, the RNC passed my 5 Core Principles resolution with unanimity a little over a year ago at the national level. In short those were:

Our rights come from God, and it’s the government’s job to protect those rights.
We believe in traditional marriage
Legal immigration – not illegal immigration
The second amendment
The sanctity of life.

. . . all of these are in direct opposition to the democrat platform.

Another set of principles for our republic that most republicans can agree on are these:

Private enterprise is superior to government enterprise.
There is a need for efficiency and economy in our government.
Government is best when it’s kept at the local level, and state sovereignty must not be infringed.
A favorable tax climate is best for a prosperous economy and abundant jobs.

To be effective we must use social media to further these objectives. Politicians understand voter numbers, and they need to hear from you when they stray off the reservation. We need to be writing letters to the newspapers and calling in to the radio stations to keep our base motivated and get our message out. Too many fear the liberal media, but we must be as aggressive as the left. Presently we are not. In the last election we were putting up yard signs while Obama was using social media. If we want to beat him, then we need to beat him at his own game.

Your freedom of speech is at risk, due to an aggressive left using Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals,” which emphasizes personal attacks in order to silence the voices of opponents. Many have fallen into this trap. Remember that the media is about 7% conservative, so expect to get attacked for speaking truth, but don’t stop. If you do, the ideological war is lost.

We need to mobilize our base, but we will not accomplish this by offending those that are the biggest part of our tent. When we go left, we lose our base, which is bigger than the few fringe elements we gain in return. Most every major society throughout history has experienced what we are now . . . just before their fall. We cannot expect differently unless we mobilize our political base, instead of offending them.

I have heard from Christian conservatives at Lincoln dinners and Tea Party groups that their values are not being represented. To them it seems that only people with money and power are represented, and some are wanting to bail out of the voting process. This is NOT the answer. Hold your elected officials’ feet to the fire, and vote people of integrity into office (who can’t be bought). We have primaries for a reason – use them to separate the dross from the silver. We’ll all be stronger for it and our base will stay our base.

There are many good people running for office. Ask them pertinent questions, but also check the voting records of those serving. Knowledge is power. Most are NOT knowledgeable of the people they are voting for, and use name recognition only (or “he seems like a nice guy”). You can change this by getting involved, not by bailing out. To win a battle, one must fight. To effectively fight, one must be trained. The state and national GOP have the tools to train, but the best tool is your own recognition that YOU must get involved to make things better. I got involved because I was sick of politicians that promised much while running, but changed once elected and became part of the machine that was a manufacturing plant for excessive taxes, fines, fees, regulations, and laws. I’m asking you to do the same. Keep on keeping on!

For Liberty,

Dave Agema
National Committeeman
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May 13, 2014 Newsletter

By |July 1st, 2014|

I recently returned from the RNC meeting in Memphis, Tennessee. Several resolutions and major rule changes were passed.

The rule change has some good, and some things I’m not particularly crazy about. The best part is there will be 8 debates and that we will control who the moderators are, not the liberal news media – that’s good. A recent poll showed that only 7% of the media is conservative, which means we seldom get a fair shake. No more 23 debates with liberal moderators like last time.

There was debate in the rules committee and once again in the general session concerning whether we should treat presidential candidates like teenagers and tell them when and where they can and cannot participate in debates. Under the new rule, if a candidate participates in a debate outside the authorization of the RNC, he will be barred from further sanctioned debates (not the reduction of delegates that was proposed previously). The problem was in determining what a sanctioned debate would look like and what constituted a non-sanctioned debate. So, in typical fashion, the new rule forms a committee, of which 5 members are chosen by Chairman Priebus and each of four regions will select two members (one female and one male) from the region. The committee will have the authority to sanction debates for the RNC and impose the penalty of removing a candidate if he/she deviates from the sanctioned debates on their own. The question then became: what would a non-sanctioned debate, resulting in punishment, look like? This now resides in the hands of the committee. They decide. This has the possibility of working against non preferred candidates by the GOP if future chairmen are not honest, and was vigorously opposed by Morton Blackwell. The question became: do we just let things go the way they are, or take control of the debate process for the betterment of our party and candidates?

Several presidential candidates were asked to see what they thought, and all agreed they liked the plan. They liked fewer debates with our moderators on our terms, not ABC, CBS, MSNBC, etc. with their moderators. The rule was passed. However, I would have preferred adding the amendments explaining what a non-sanctioned debate looks like and limiting how many members the chairman can select. Those amendments were proposed, and I voted for them. However, the rest of the Michigan contingent didn’t, and voted against the amendments. The amendments were defeated. We all voted for the main rule following the debate because it puts the party in control, not the liberals.

The resolutions passed were the following:

Resolution protecting Americas farming and ranching.
Resolution on pain-capable unborn child protection laws – reaffirming our core principle of sanctity of life – and banning all abortions at 20 weeks (we want them all stopped but this has been effective in other states to get there).
Resolution against Harry Reid using taxpayer funds for partisan attacks.
Resolution on Christian persecution. Over 70 million Christians have been killed since the time of Christ, but over half of these have been in the 20th century. Christians are being singled out in Burma, China, Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Libya, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, and Zanzibar.
Resolution in support of parental school choice programs and education reform.

On a side note, please remember that Obamacare disrupted 82% of the people for the 18% that didn’t have insurance. It would have been easier to simply deal with the 18%. We are also educating people where there are no jobs and no money – why?

Marco Rubio spoke at one of our dinners, and reaffirmed what I have been saying for so long – hard work, morals, and values taught by two parents – a mother and a father – are the determining factor in success of our children. The family breakdown causes poverty, and our programs should encourage families and marriage, not the other way around. There is a definite progressive movement to destroy the family unit, through government benefits that favor single parents.

In America the son of a bartender and maid can be just as successful as the rich by hard work and education (Rubio was an example). The opportunity is here. The problem becomes accentuated when people look at the government as their god and provider. We don’t want to leave this country worse off for our posterity. For this reason we must win elections to lead. Certainly things are NOT better under Obama and the democrat rule. Let us be united in getting the right (literally) people elected the first time, with integrity, who will do what is good and right in spite of the persecution by the left.

Last note – in the original Webster’s dictionary, which our forefathers knew well, they said we have certain inalienable rights … The definition of inalienable were those rights that were not repugnant to God (most were Christians and understood what that meant). How things have changed!

For Liberty,

Dave Agema
National Committeeman

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