Islam Facts or Political Correctness. Fight for Civilization Jim Fuscaldo

By |March 30th, 2016|

   A rational analysis presents these hypotheses for discussion.

1. A billion Muslims don’t understand their religion,
2.These Muslims are too cowardly or unfaithful to follow the precepts and teaching of Mohammaden Islam, or
3.They lack either the need or the opportunity to act on their Islamic teachings on how to treat infidels, because
   a. they already live in Islamic countries, or
   b. they live among infidels or military governments who are strong enough to repel
   Islamic terrorism. However, to repel the Islamic jihadists the infidels must first identify who the enemy is. The failure of the U.S. government to identify the enemy is its weakness in the fight against Islamic Supremacism. You cannot defeat an enemy you have not identified and isolated (Sun Tzu,The Art of War). A distinct failure by both political parties who allow political correctness to dilute factual analysis.

   Islamic theology spells out when jihad is necessary. For example, violent jihad is either fard kifayah, a collective duty of all Muslims, or fard ayn, an individual duty. Individual Muslims maybe relieved of the individual duty to engage in jihad if the Muslim community is collectively engaged in jihad either through terror, or stealth jihad as defined below.
   In traditional Islam, according to Hanafi legal scholars there are various forms of jihad.

1. Jihad bil ayf (jihad with the sword) or combat (qitaal) is a means of fard ayn. See Qur’anic verses below that substantiate jihad.
2. Jihad bil mal (waging jihad by means of one’s wealth). Financing jihad bil ayf by laundering donations (zakat) through mosques and Islamic charities such as the Holy Land Foundation. A form of stealth jihad.
3. Jihad bil liswan (waging jihad through persuasion). Using media propaganda (Da’Wa), and the use of […]