September 2013

September 09, 2013

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One of the biggest and growing expenses to taxpayers is entitlement programs.  Entitlements (I hate the term) are taking the biggest share of our Federal and State budgets.  Politicians use these to garner votes.  Socialist countries have bankrupted themselves because they couldn’t say no.  They have bred an attitude that their citizens deserve something they didn’t earn from another’s labor.  Truly we are no different.  President Obama has pushed his socialist “hope and change” agenda in such a rapid fashion that our country is falling into a fiscal abyss from which we can never recover.  Our dollar has lost its value.  Our debt has doubled (perhaps tripled).  Our middle class is disappearing due to businesses limiting workers to 30 hours to avoid the ramifications of ObamaCare.  They fear expanding over 50 employees which, in turn, stifles growth.  Our unemployment is unchanged in the August Jobs Report, but the actual number, when you include those that have stopped looking or termed out of unemployment benefits, is closer to 14% (13.6% unadjusted, 13.7% after seasonal adjustment).  Our federal government tries to centralize control of an economy when they can’t even control themselves and their own expenditures.


Socialism always fails because it’s an artificial stimulus that the laws of economics do not support in a real economy.  Socialist politicians always promise much, deliver little, and always at a greater cost.  I never thought I’d say we are becoming what we used to fight against, but we are!


Your Republican National Committee has reaffirmed our platform (yes we have one) that opposes much of what Obama and his democrat platform supports.  But what good is this if the states disregard the platform and fall in line with the left’s agenda?  We […]

August 2013

August 19, 2013

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You’d think by now that President Obama would have learned not to make promises he can’t keep.  You’d also think that Americans would have learned not to trust a man who doesn’t keep his promises.  Yet, here we are, well into Obama’s second term with a laundry list of broken promises and failures.  Even still, there’s a baffling number of Americans who remain infatuated with the President.  They say love conquers all, but when it comes to people who are love-struck by President Obama, their obsession is really only blinding them to the truth.


Consider the economy:  It sucks.


The month of July saw only 162,000 jobs added – 23,000 less than predicted.  The unemployment rate is at a dismal 7.4%, and we’re becoming a nation of part-time workers thanks to Obamacare.


The national deficit is through the roof at more than $16 trillion, with President Obama showing little effort to bring spending under control.


Remember the stimulus package that was supposed to “cut the deficit in half by the end of first term in office” and put “our nation on sound fiscal footing”?  Yeah, it didn’t work, either, and it’s just evidence of one of the President’s broken promises.


In 2009, Obama said, “If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.”  The President said it himself; if he didn’t turn the economy around in his first term, it’d probably be his only term.  Unfortunately, Obama’s lovesick followers wouldn’t settle for a one-term Obama presidency.


The economy isn’t the Obama administration’s only letdown.  Obama’s foreign policy decisions are a complete failure.  Take a look at Iran, Israel, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan … I could go on.


Since Obama became president, America’s standing […]

August 05, 2013

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Back in January, President Obama declared that al-Qaeda had been decapitated and dismantled, and that they were incapable of attacking us again.  Tough talk from the biggest incompetent to ever stand behind the presidential seal.  Yet, during the month of Ramadan (July 9th to August 7th this year, based on the lunar calendar), the President has ordered several embassies – mostly in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia – closed and evacuated due to terrorist chatter approaching pre-9/11 levels.


For those that don’t know, the month of Ramadan is an Islamic month of holy war.  It’s a month for fighting the enemies of Allah, during which the Muslims believe they have special blessings and power from Allah to engage in Jihad and defeat their enemies.  For example:


1973 – Ramadan War-Yom Kipper War where Egypt and Syria launch war on Israel
1982 – Iran launches war on Iraq called “Operation Ramadan”
From 1987 to 1993 the first Palestinian intifada was waged over 6 Ramadans


From 624 AD to the present, many Islamic wars and battles are fought during Ramadan.  This is why, along with the additional chatter, the State Department issued the closures.  Ramadan is the month in which Muslims believe their god is with them to destroy non-Muslims.


And yet, if al-Qaeda has been dismantled, as the President claims, this shouldn’t be that big of a deal, right?  Right?  Scotland Yard was spot on with Obama a couple of years ago: “chalaque” . . . and probably too clever by half.


Likewise, President Obama’s speech last week on a “grand bargain” was recycled old ideas.  This was just the latest in a string of speeches on the economy.  Despite talk of a “bargain,” President Obama hasn’t sat down with […]

July 2013

July 22, 2013

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The attention on immigration reform has now turned to the House, where Republicans recognize there is a need for reform and also believe that real, lasting reform cannot be rushed.  In a GOP conference meeting last week, Republican leaders expressed the importance of working toward a real solution.  House Republicans recognize that our immigration system is broken, and have already worked on separate bills to address some of the pressing needs.  They will now take up the task of crafting a reform plan of their own.


Student loan rates doubled this month, and grads have the Democrats to blame.  Stafford student loan rates doubled on July 1 because Senate Democrats and the President failed to act.  House Republicans did everything they could to fix the problem, and passed a relief package in May that was partly based on an idea from the President himself.  Republicans in Congress remain committed to a bipartisan solution, yet Democrats drug their feet and played politics, opposing the President’s own plan, and blocking any chance of any other plan passing.  It’s time for Harry Reid to stop playing games and to start working with Republicans to provide relief to students.

These ARE the times that try men’s souls.  Now we find that the IRS Chief Wilkins held up 2,900 Tea Party-type applications prior to the 2012 election, so they couldn’t raise money against Obama.  In addition, Obama signed yet another executive order (more abuse) requiring mandatory HIV testing under ObamaCare for ages 15-65.  Survivors of Benghazi were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements.  Folks, more than ever we need people willing to take a stand against any and all tyranny.  We are being over-regulated and taxed at every juncture.  Obama has and is […]

July 08, 2013

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In my last newsletter, I said that the nine-week summer recess isn’t a “vacation” for the state legislators, contrary to what a certain elected state executive wants the public to think, but rather an in-district work session to give the legislators of both chambers and both parties an opportunity to “get away from Lansing” and speak directly with their constituents and get their opinions on various matters.  I applaud the 20 or so state senators who had the sense to force the Medicaid Expansion bill (2013-HB-4714) into committee for the summer.  There are better options (such as 2013-SB-0422) that don’t expose our state to an out-of-control federal government, and those options ought to receive fair consideration.  Given the train wreck that ObamaCare is likely to become, a little policy disconnect from DC is probably a good thing.


The June 2013 Jobs Report (, released last Friday, isn’t being trumpeted much by the White House.  The unemployment rate (7.6%) has remained largely unchanged from February, though there was a net gain of 195,000 non-farm payroll jobs.  And for a few people, that’s good news.  But to put the report in its true light, it helps to understand what the “Official Unemployment Rate” and the “Real Unemployment Rate” each measure:


The American Labor Force consists of all citizens and residents aged 16 or older, who are neither institutionalized (such as imprisoned or in a nursing home) nor serving on active duty in the armed forces, and either have a job, are looking for a job, or would accept a job if it were offered.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “full-time employment” is defined as 35+ hours per week.


The “Official Unemployment Rate” (the U-3 Rate) is the proportion […]

June 2013

June 27, 2013

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Truly we are in a precarious spot.  We have a president that seems bent on ruining this country fiscally, morally, militarily, and constitutionally.  This alone should unite us to remove his ilk from leadership positions in all areas of government.  If his followers can’t see what he is doing, then they don’t deserve your vote.


President Lincoln and others have written about their fear of the Supreme Court taking power via an oligarchy of 5 unelected men that overrule the people and even the constitution.  Life terms, put in by a liberal president, can ruin a country in a hurry.  That’s why the president’s choices are so important.  Truly we suffer from bad choices.


The best economy is always one with the least amount of government control via regulations and taxes.  Artificial stimulus by government always ruins an economy because it has to be paid for by the populace, but has no long term positive effects – only short term.  That’s what we have going on now.  I fully expect another stock market dump because the debt is swallowing up our country’s ability to pay it, which always leads to economies like the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain) – soon Japan will enter that fold as well.


Please do not succumb to the verbiage that we must relent concerning our principles in order to accommodate more liberal ideas.  All this does is anger our base, and one can never get to the left of the Democrat Party, nor should we try.  The Republican Party historically gets into trouble when we incorporate liberal-progressivism into the party platform.


A couple months ago the RNC passed my core principles resolution.  One of those principles was that we stand by traditional marriage. […]

June 06, 2013

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“What is new, surprising, alarming, and often overlooked in the labor force today is the exodus of workers in their prime – and all the growth opportunities they’ve taken with them.” (Jim Tankersley, “WonkFeud Part 2: The Labor Force Participation Debate Gets Real,” The Washington Post’s WonkBlog, 4/30/13)
Atlas Shrugged (published October 10, 1957), Ayn Rand’s fourth and last novel, is set in a dystopian United States where many of society’s most productive citizens refuse to be exploited by increasing taxation and government regulations, and disappear, shutting down their vital industries. Significant in this “alternative future” America is that the bicameral Congress has been replaced by a “National Legislature” and the President with a “Head of State.” The novel explores the consequences when all the creative minds and business leaders of the world go on strike, refusing to allow their inventions, art, business leadership, scientific research, or new ideas to be taken from them by the government or by the rest of the world.
A key premise of Rand’s novel is an America where energy is almost prohibitively expensive and where the national debt is cripplingly high, which means that these numbers should be really disturbing:

 The U. S. National Debt on January 20, 2009 (Obama’s inauguration) was $10.6 Trillion; as of May 24, 2013 (last Friday) it’s now $16.8 Trillion. That’s about a 58% increase (and currently 106.8% of the US GDP). If nothing changes, then in 2017 (after Obama leaves office) the national debt will be $22.9 trillion (135.88% of US GDP).
 The nationwide average price of gas on January 20, 2009, was $1.84/gallon; as of May 24, 2013, it’s now $3.63/gallon. That’s about a 98% increase. (I don’t even want to think about what a gallon of gas is […]

June 3, 2013

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It’s appalling that the White House is “satisfied” with the IRS’s response to the profiling/targeting scandal, as they still haven’t answered basic questions for the American people. Why weren’t liberal groups targeted? Did IRS employees take cues from the president’s rhetoric? How can we now trust the IRS to enforce ObamaCare? President Obama and his political allies have called conservative groups “tea baggers” and “terrorists” on the record. We also now know that Senators Whitehouse (D-RI), Baucus (D-MT), and Schumer (D-NY) all sent letters to the IRS asking for scrutiny into these groups. Is it really that surprising that an agency in the Obama administration would go after groups that President Obama and his allies publically maligned?
Journalists, media, and the American people are rightly outraged at the Justice Department, the Treasury Department, the State Department, HHS, and DHS. Cabinet secretaries and bureau chiefs need to be held accountable, but President Obama’s solution is to have Eric Holder lead the investigation. That’s means he’ll be investigating himself; can we expect that to be an honest investigation?
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; Obama is deliberately pushing America toward an overwhelming economic crisis, using the Cloward-Piven Strategy that he learned as a student at Columbia University. The endgame of this strategy is that the American economy will collapse under the weight of its own debt, resulting in a public embrace of increased welfare programs and paving the way for replacing a free-market economy (capitalism) with a centrally-planned one (socialism). The ultimate result will be that envisioned in The Communist Manifesto, as the American Middle Class (Marx & Engels referred to it as the bourgeoisie) will eventually cease to exist, leaving us with an aristocracy and […]

May 2013

May 30, 2013

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After his speech last week, Obama still has questions to answer: Is it still his administration’s goal to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al Qaeda? Is it his view that if the U.S. is less aggressive in eliminating terrorists abroad, the threat of terrorist attacks will diminish on its own? If his goal is to end the war on terror, what’s his overarching strategy to win it? Has he certified that nations who will receive inmates from Guantanamo are capable of preventing them from returning to combat?
President Obama publicly maligned conservative and Tea Party groups for years (actually using the “tea baggers” line at least once over a live microphone). Vice President Biden reportedly compared Tea Party supporters to “terrorists.” It should be no surprise that the IRS went after groups the president has attacked, because the executive defines the culture. Since the IRS’s Lois Lerner followed her opening statements by promptly “pleading the fifth” – and now refuses to resign – Americans understandably have more questions than before. What other words were used to target organizations? Were taxpayers audited as a result of their political donations? How much did White House and Treasury officials communicate with the IRS? Until we get answers, we have to keep asking.
Now we learn that Secretary Sebelius has been fundraising from private companies that HHS will regulate (apparently to finance the implementation of the federal healthcare exchange), but she won’t say which ones. Republicans are working to find out, because the lack of accountability and the conflicts of interest are unacceptable. And this week the Energy and Commerce Committee sent letters to 15 insurance companies to find out if Sebelius solicited funds from them.
Small businesses are already bound in new […]

May 13, 2013

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This past weekend Michigan GOP leaders met in Boyne Mountain, where presentations were given on messaging, technology, Election Day operations, campaign finance, ground game, and the Growth and Opportunity Project. The democrats have opened the door in many areas for us to take advantage. Specifically, in Michigan we had 400,000 sportsmen, 4,200 Vets, and 248,000 conservatives that did not vote in the last election – we need to reach out to them.
There are a lot of statistics that clearly show that the U.S economy is unhealthy, and we should expose this. I believe that President Obama is masterminding an economic collapse, with the intention that people will forever depend on government for their future. For example:

 In Obama’s first term he racked up more debt than all the presidents from George Washington through Bill Clinton . . . combined (and is on pace to rack up more debt than all of his predecessors, combined, before next year’s mid-term elections). The national debt increased by over 50% from where it was when George Bush left office, and now exceeds the entire output of the U. S. economy (the G.D.P.). Under Obama, the national debt grew, in one day, more than the entire federal deficit for all of 2007.
 According to economist John Williams of Shadow Stats, if you factor in long-term discouraged workers and those that could only find part time work, the real unemployment rate is currently about 20%. Over 100 million working -age Americans don’t have jobs (this means more dependency on government; therefore, dependent on Obama).
According to the census bureau, household income dropped $4,000 during Obama’s first 4 years in office. Currently, almost half of all Americans don’t have even $500 in savings.
Under Obama, only […]