April 2013

April 22, 2013

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The RNC Spring Meeting in Los Angeles was an important meeting in many regards. Our conservative caucus met for a dinner and breakfast before the meetings, and where there only used to be a handful of members in this caucus, we are now over 100 (a clear majority of the 168-member committee).
First of all there was, and still is, much consternation over the 2012 rules. Rule 16 was changed; the net effect of those changes is:

No presidential candidate (including a presumptive nominee) shall have the power to remove a duly-elected convention delegate
Duly-elected delegates shall vote as they are bound (per state party rules) until the binding conditions no longer apply; to do otherwise results in the delegate being deemed as having resigned (and the state party chairman having the authority to override the vote)
Any statewide presidential preference vote that permits a choice among candidates for the Republican nomination for President in a primary, caucus, or convention must be used to allocate and bind the state’s delegation to the national convention

However, there is yet a push to take another look at several other rules for the RNC meeting this summer.
I met with Reince Priebus, Morton Blackwell and a few others prior to the regular meetings to broker a deal in an attempt to satisfy those who felt disenfranchised by the 2012 rules changes. We were about 85% in agreement until a break was called, and I had to leave earlier for the resolutions committee meeting where my Core Resolution was being taken up. Talks broke down after the break and Blackwell was not willing to compromise any further, so his original rule change (to strip out all 2012 changes and go back to the 2008 rules) […]

February 2013

February 27, 2013

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February 27, 2013


The convention is over. Perhaps your candidate lost or maybe he/she won. The real issue is that as the Bible says “a house divided cannot stand.” To all those that ran, thank you. The Party is always better when there is competition and it gives a clearer picture of where we should be or are heading.
Democrats are salivating for us to split and not unify. If you don’t stay in the game, you certainly can’t affect the outcome. I ask you to keep fighting. A non-vote or apathy by our grassroots is a win for Democrats.
I spent too many years of life trained to fight against socialism and communism. Truly, we are becoming what I used to be trained to fight against in the military. I detest where Obama is placing us. He is ruining this country fiscally, constitutionally, morally and militarily. The sad part is that so many buy into his message because he promises them something for nothing and there are too many people selling out on their principles for a percieved gain.
We are no different than nations before us that bought into the same old themes of class warefare, excessive taxation, large government expenditures and implosion from within.
I completely disagree with those that think we must become more liberal to attract votes. We will never be liberal enough to be left of the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party is the Socialist Party of the 40’s and 50’s. They have accepted those tennets within their party. They have attempted to take God out of their platform. No Evangelical Christians should be voting for such a party, but they do – 90% of Black Evangelicals and 75% of Hisapnic Evangelicals. We must […]

January 2013

January 16, 2013

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There have been several articles written as to why the GOP lost the election. The reasons are plentiful but one of the most glaring failures of the 2012 campaign, was our failure to match or counter the Obama grassroots campaign in truly personal contacts. Phone calls to strangers will never take the place of grassroots activists and precinct delegates that know the people in their neighborhoods, churches and communities, And when the demographics are broken down, we can see where we have work to do,
Asian Voters- 73% voted for Obama
Jewish Voters- 60% voted for Obama
Black Evangelicals Voters- 90% voted for Obama
Hispanics Christian Voters- 75% voted for Obama
18-29 Youth Voters- 60% voted for Obama
We must tell the truth better than the Democrats tell the lies about Capitalism vs. Socialism. And the following set of statistics show that conservatism is and will continue to be on the right side of history. I’m sure many who have just had their taxes increased and those who will soon suffer the effects of oppressive new gun control policies will become disenchanted some towards the Democrat party, but it’s our job to make sure these truths get out.

Since 1950 over 400 million guns have been sold in the U.S.A.
Since 1919 over 54 million people have been killed by their own government after they took their guns away.
The English royal family spent 57.8 million for travel, entertainment, etc, while Obama spent 1.4 billion.
The national debt is approximately 16.5 trillion (twice what it was in 2007) and will be 22 trillion by 2014.
77% of Americans just had their taxes increased.
Every man, women & child owes the federal government over $52,181.
Liabilities as of 2011:

$7.3 trillion for federal employee retirements
$19 trillion for Social Security participants (I do not consider this an entitlement)
$24.4 trillion […]